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After working in a research setting, Jessica gave up a life of science to delve into art. She walked away from a job as a research technician in Molecular Biology to become a freelance artist. She now uses her skills in experimentation and chemical composition to make masterpieces as a painter. In her free time, she's works as a creative writer, copywriter, and freelance editor.


Jessica is familiar with copywriting, editing, proofreading, and creative writing, and has worked for various marketing sources for almost two years.


When she isn't working in the field of professional wriring, she is a world-renowned artist, classically-trained French Hornist, and lover of Russian Language and Culture.


University of Central Florida

Studying a diverse variety of subjects, including Forensics, Biochemistry, and even the Russian Language, Jessica has diligence and motivation to never stop learning. As an honor student that spent time studying courses beyond those required for a BSc, she is well-rounded and has become a focused worker in all educational outlets.

Moscow State University

Jessica is a student of Russian language, who fell in love with Moscow after spending two consecutive summers and later a year there in study. Because of her time spent in Russia, she loves blini, Molinari Oro Espresso, and the Moscow Metro.

University of Florida

Jessica is a highly-qualified expert in DNA and Serological analysis, due to her Master's training at the College of Pharmacy in the University of Florida. She is capable of acting as an expert witness in testimony regarding the extraction, purification, and analysis of DNA, as well as other evidential processing.


2 Projects Completed

Educational and laboratory-based experience in Biomedicine, including Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, DNA Analysis, Infectious Agents, and Chemistry. Jessica has experience with writing programs for primer design, as well as protocols, procedures, and presentations.


0 Projects Completed

Jessica has worked as a laboratory technician, research scientist, and forensic analyst for five years beyond university training. As an accomplished researcher and lab analyst, she is familiar with all aspects of Microbiological and Molecular Biological techniques, in addition to processing, pathogenic, isotope, and sensitive materials handling, and programming in relation to primer coding.


0 Projects Completed

Jessica has extensive practical experience in the construction industry, including framing, basic carpentry, building design, and foundation layout. In addition to hands-on experience, she's attended a class at Yestermorrow Design and Build School to enhance her understanding of the building process.


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