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Sara has been writing for over two decades and became a published author for the first time at age fourteen. Her work has been featured in a variety of mediums including newspapers, journals, digital magazines, poetry anthologies, and blogs. In 2005 she entered Boston University where she would go on to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with honors. While in graduate school, Sara served as a tutor and group study leader, writing sample tests and study guides for doctoral-level classes. The rigorous nature of a doctoral candidacy proved to be highly valuable to Sara as a way to hone her research skills and writing efficiency. After earning her degree, Sara began working part-time as a Doctor of Physical Therapy while also pursuing her childhood dream of being a freelance writer.

She writes under the tutelage of the great Strunk & White: "Omit needless words."


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Sara's academic background and clinical experience focuses heavily on the study of health, wellness, fitness, anatomy, nutrition, neurology, biomechanics and functional movement. She is a regular writer for the website of a strength and conditioning company located in Boston, MA. Sara also holds several nationally recognized certifications in the health field including Doctor of Physical Therapy (PT, DPT) and CrossFit Level-1 certified Trainer (CF-L1). She is trained in evidence-based theory and critical appraisal and brings her research expertise to all of her on-going projects.


Sara regularly researches and writes about the psychology behind personal wealth building, business development, and vocational development. Her work has been featured in a prominent digital publication as well as two local newspapers (print and digital). As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Sara also has undergone extensive career-based training and mentoring, which brings a unique professional approach to her research and content creation.


As a specialist in nutrition and wellness-related content, Sara is experienced in writing quality, concise and accurate content about a wide variety of nutritional information. She writes nutrition-related web content for several supplement companies, highlighting the benefits, safety information and research of several products. In addition, she writes nutritional content regularly for a strength and conditioning facility which is showcased to a large client base.


Sara has written over a dozen articles and blog posts that explore innovative concepts and fascinating cutting-edge research regarding relationships, marriage and interpersonal communication in both professional and personal environments. Her work has been featured in an international journal as well as several digital platforms including a local news website. She regularly studies the work of human behavior specialists, scientists, metaphysicists and neuropsychologists, which has helped her develop a unique understanding of relationship dynamics as they apply to personal, social, and familial fulfillment.

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Blog Post

Sara is an experienced blogger in both personal and professional realms. Her work has been featured professionally on digital news media and she has ghostwritten for several small and mid-size companies in a variety of industries including home improvement, technology, health care and automotive/mechanic. She is able to provide content written in a range of styles including casual, informal, conversational, authoritative and marketing.

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