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Susan A. is a professional writer. She has been an articles writer in the past 5 years. During this time, she has contributed to companies for SEO article writing, research and progressive writing in nearly every industry of concentration. She has contributed in editing and copy-editing full document manuals for an electronics company's training and procedures, high school and college text writing and is currently pursuing creative writing and E-books.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Search Marketing

Susan A. wrote short articles for publication for website companies in the United States within the last five years.


Susan is constantly doing research in the area of environmental issues, especially climate change and the science of global warming. She has made several contributions in an effort for sustainability towards conservation for the planet's resources and has studied how the world is evolving into the future and its impact it will have for future societies.

High Tech

Susan's contributions and input to this industry involve writing summarizations of financial impact and how they may inversely establish an affect with innovation and the risks that may be inherently involved; and how the evolutionary process takes place with certain actions or risks not taken by companies of high-tech industries.


Susan has made contributions in her writing pieces to cover stories that involved traffic accidents, human rights' issues involving communities that do not have proper maintainence standards of old equipment such as train signals, signs, etc. In her professional writing of articles, the articles she contributed to this area of expertise were for SEO based stories and story-telling that came from actual community events that may or may not have affected human lives.

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