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For nearly a decade, Joe C. has provided his clients with high quality content for a number of purposes: digital and print copy, blog articles, downloadable white papers, and more. In each of his endeavors, Joe has driven strategy through content writing, with direct and traceable results.

Joe began his career as a journalist, working across mediums in print, radio, and television. During this phase, Joe was on the forefront of some of the biggest stories of his generation, including the Michael Jackson Trial and the 2008 Presidential Election. His work with ABC, CBS, and CNN affiliates delivered increased television ratings through better community-driven stories, resulting in multiple awards from his peers through the Associated Press Television-Radio Association.

At the end of 2008, Joe made the decision to focus his career on inbound marketing strategy: using the storytelling process to encourage a better customer. Long before "inbound marketing" became a buzzword, Joe was already using inbound principles to condition a better customer. Through content strategy and writing, blog management, search engine optimization, and social media engagement, his plans that engaged with customers to create traceable leads through content marketing, driving more conversions, and turning happy customers into brand ambassadors. Joe's clients include Hipmunk.com, FlyerTalk.com, and About.com.

Today, Joe continues to drive content marketing strategies for a number of clients, specializing in the travel, tourism, leisure and lifestyle industries. Joe is Inbound Certified by Hubspot, and holds memberships in several professional and charitable organizations.


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As a freelance writer, Joe has written travel-related content for a number of websites. Joe's published works are regularly featured on major travel websites, including Hipmunk and FlyerTalk.com. As an expert, his expertise has been featured by multiple news outlets, including The Weather Channel.


Joe has managed content for USI, the third largest insurance brokerage in the United States. During his time with USI, Joe was primarily focused on delivering cross-platform content for the travel insurance products.


As a writer with a heavy technology background, Joe has often been called upon to write reviews of up-and-coming technology. This includes smartphone applications, social technology, and portable technology.

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