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From the halls of Congress to the shores of Waikiki Beach, and everywhere in between, Brian K. has probably written something published there. The owner of several websites, each with its own social media presence, Brian is a regular contributor to several journals and blogs.

His portfolio includes a 138 page thesis on education reform at Harvard University, ghostwritten contributed articles in Forbes and other major national publications, and numerous reports, white papers, press releases, blog posts, and tweets. As a former multimedia journalist, Brian asks the right questions, knows where to find more information, and can communicate often complicated technical information in easy to understand language. His daily podcast, which he wrote, recorded, and produced was widely downloaded as a wrap up of the day's news.

Brian is always thorough, but never uses 10 words when five will do. A sampling of his LinkedIn profile shows that Brian...

...is a skilled communicator who excels at crafting clear, concise and compelling messages under tight deadlines and on short notice. Quite simply, he is the quintessential communications director.

...knows how to take community online. His site is notable for the high level of participation by residents and responsiveness of elected and representative officials. I don't know how he finds the time and forges all the connections he does, but the result is a must-follow site for anyone who wants to know what is going on in [the community].


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Brian has degrees in government from The Catholic University of America and Harvard University. He has written countless speeches, press releases, white papers, and contributed articles for elected officials around the country.


As a senior account executive at a boutique public relations agency, Brian focused mainly on clients in the financial services. Works he ghostwrote were published around the country in business journals and other financial publications.


Brian's passion is for education, and it shows in his writing. In addition to his Master's thesis on education reform, Brian has written the revolution being brought about by about Open Educational Resources, ensuring every student has financial access to higher education, and closing the achievement gap in public education.

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As a multimedia journalist, Brian has written everything from sports, to movie reviews, to general news. His reporting uncovered a scandal in a school department that resulted in a school committee member losing her seat and moving out of town, a lawsuit, and a federal civil rights investigation.

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Brian owns several websites, including a community blog with more than 1,000 registered users. He is a regular contributor to several others as well, and writes about everything from the intersection of religion, politics, and culture, to subatomic physics, and more.

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Whether it is for an elected official, a financial adviser, a business consultant, or a professional in just about any other industry, Brian can can craft a white paper that strikes the right tone for the right audience.

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From the days when a photo tagged "my dad" would show you hundreds of different middle aged men, Brian has been using Facebook both personally and professionally.

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