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Aurelio developed his abilities to research, write quickly, and meet client needs while working as a technical writer, first as a seven-year employee of a Fortune 500 company, and then as a writing consultant for 10 years.

He now freelances and has written over 15,000 online articles both with and without a byline. His favorite topics include travel, small business, job hunting, personal finance, real estate, interior design, consumer reviews, fitness, computers, and technology.

He has developed both print and digital copy for such companies as USA Today, LiveStrong, The Nest Woman, eHow, GlobalPost, Canon, Toshiba, and Unisys.

Web Development
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While he has created multi-volume computer manuals and help text spanning software suites, he particularly enjoys writing blog posts, short articles, how-to's, and website copy.


When he's not busy serving client needs, Aurelio works out five times a week doing Crossfit and Olympic lifting, while maintaining a paleo diet. He enjoys model railroading and playing MMORPGs. As a theater buff, he's acted, directed, and written several plays that have been produced.

He also travels extensively to Southeast Asia, Europe, and USA. Some of his favorite spots include Paris, Malaysia, and Los Angeles. To interact better in foreign cultures, he studies foreign languages, including Spanish, Filipino, French, Italian, and German..


University of Washington

Because technical writing degrees did not exist at the time, Aurelio created his own program of study under the College of Engineering. He focused on computer documentation and technical translation. He graduate summa cum laude.


7,249 Projects Completed

Aside from his first-hand experience in owning and driving a car in Southern California, Aurelio has written thousands of articles, ads, blog posts, and website copy for car dealerships, auto mechanics, insurance companies, rental companies, lenders, lawyers, and marketing agencies. His expertise covers the budget, mid-range, and luxury markets for nearly everything on wheels including sedans, SUVs, crossovers, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.


2,002 Projects Completed

Aurelio has been on both sides of the career desk. Like everyone else, he has experience looking for jobs. As a consultant in the computer industry, he's helped clients hire the right employees. When he cites career statistics, such as average salaries or employment projections, he prefers to use authoritative sources such as the U.S. Department of Labor.


1,036 Projects Completed

Aurelio goes on several trips a year both domestically and internationally, usually by taking advantage of travel bargains or wrangling the best travel options from his frequent flyer miles. He believes in experiencing other countries in depth by learning the local language and customs, and spending at least a month in one location.


1,019 Projects Completed

Aurelio bought his first computer in 1976, so his knowledge of technology has grown with the industry. He worked for seven years documenting databases as a tech writer for Unisys Corporation. He then developed a documentation consultancy writing for such clients as Canon, Toshiba, and his previous employer. More recently, his ghost-written posts have graced the blogs of small tech support businesses and computer consultants.


1,004 Projects Completed

Aurelio developed much of his business expertise while working for a large corporation and running several small businesses, including a tech writing consultancy. Some of his specialties include operating a small business, hiring employees and improving cash flow. He prefers to rely on official government sources to back up his statistics.

High Tech

601 Projects Completed

Aurelio decided to major in Scientific and Technical Communications because he enjoys high-tech products and explaining how to use them. His expertise in the field covers consumer reviews, how-to blog posts, and user's guides for computer software and hardware. Two of his most well-known high-tech clients are Toshiba and Canon.


527 Projects Completed

Like everyone in Southern California, Aurelio owns a car and by necessity has had to learn everything about this form of transportation. Trains are his hobby and his many air trips a year gives him insight into aviation from the passenger's point of view. His transportation clients have included auto insurance firms, lawyers, dealerships, and travel agents.


500 Projects Completed

Aurelio's experience with the shopping industry has been through buying guides, product instructions, how-to blog posts, and reviews of consumer goods for retailers and shopping websites, such as He likes to translate complex product specifications into usable information that the consumer can understand. He's also a life-long bargain hunter and enjoys telling readers how to find good deals.


350 Projects Completed

Much of Aurelio's technical writing career, both with Unisys and as a consultant, involved explaining software use to audiences ranging from general users to technical professionals. This experience has served him sell in writing user guides, help text, blog posts, and web articles about applications and operating systems. Clients have included software and hardware manufacturers, computer consultants, and software support services.

Web Development

305 Projects Completed

Back when the Internet was just getting started, Aurelio used to hand-code websites in HTML when he was a technical writer for Unisys Corporation. When he started his own tech writing consultancy, he relied on web design applications. Now, he relies on web programs, such as when he created websites for his own small businesses.


254 Projects Completed

As a technical writer, Aurelio counts Canon and Toshiba among his more well-know hardware clients for online guides, user manuals, and help text. Online, he ghost-writes blog posts, how-to's, reviews, and web articles for hardware manufacturers, support services, and computer consultants. He primarily focuses on peripherals compatible with technology that uses the Windows operating systems but has written occasionally about Macintosh-compatible hardware.


104 Projects Completed

Aurelio is an experienced investor who has put his money into stocks, bonds, small businesses, and everything in between. He enjoys finding out about financial trends and informing his readers about them. He likes to convert complex data about money and economics into how-to's and explanations that the average consumer can understand.


103 Projects Completed

Aurelio is an avid fitness fanatic, having gone to a Crossfit gym three times a week for over four years. He also learns Olympic lifting twice a week and recently completed his first Crossfit competition. His regimen has produced a permanent weight-loss of 30 pounds and removed his dependence on cholesterol-lowering drugs. He can thus speak from personal experience when writing for gyms, exercise programs, and weight-loss producers.


51 Projects Completed

Aurelio has written reviews, buying guides, and how-to's about appliances for shopping sites and blogs created by appliance stores and appliance repair services. His technical writing background enables him to understand home appliances and explain their use to non-technical consumers. As with many consumers, much of his knowledge comes from personal use of washers, dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, ovens and other common household machines.


50 Projects Completed

Aurelio's gaming experience began with hard-copy strategy wargames, play-by-mail, and role-playing games. (His first book was GURPS Aztecs, a gaming supplement for Steve Jackson Games. It's still sold as an ebook.) His gaming now focuses on MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft, and computer games, such as the SIMS 4 and Civilization. He's written strategy guides, reviews, and how-to's for gaming blogs.


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