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Deb is an award-winning writer with valuable experience crafting copy that informs, entertains and persuades. Her work covers a variety of subjects, including health and lifestyle, parenting and education, and has involved interviewing and/or profiling physicians, psychologists, and scientists, as well as businessmen and educators. She has developed feature articles and direct mail packages for national, regional and local publications and publishers, including Parenting, family, Overlook View, Autism Asperger's Digest, Health Facilities Management, Scholastic, and Newbridge Communications. She also composed love letters and romantic fiction for numerous publishers and consumers.

In addition, she is a certified English teacher with expertise at marketing to educators and parents as well as tutoring students in language arts and test preparation.

Because she loves promoting people and services, Deb will help you tell your story, spread your message, and connect with your audience.


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  • Kids/Family50+
  • Women20+
  • Medical20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Deb has written dozens of relevant, informative and engaging feature stories and articles for parenting publications in New York and New Jersey


Deb has written feature stories for local, national, and regional publications on the following issues of importance to women: seasonal affective disorder, secondary infertility, death and depression, Celiac disease, nutrition, breast and ovarian cancers, heart disorders, fitness


Deb has interviewed dozens of doctors, psychologists and patients for feature stories in Overlook View, Tri-County Woman, Healthview, and Union County magazines.

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