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After working in the business industry as an accountant and marketer for 15 years, Savannah moved on to professional writing in 2012. She owns two blogs; one helps readers budget for travel, while the other keeps up with entertainment news.

She has a degree in accounting and also takes English classes. During her time at school, she maintained a high GPA while working full-time.

Savannah functioned as the office manager, marketer and sole accountant for a small HVAC company in Birmingham, Alabama. Her work in the business world started in her teenage years, when she secured her first job as an accounts payable clerk for a local contractor. She also worked as a corporate accountant for a local beverage distributor for over six years.

Though she enjoyed accounting and the business world, writing has always been her passion. However, she uses her extensive business and financial experience to manage her own writing career, and also as research in her written articles.

As a small addition, Savannah turned her hobby of drawing unique chalk art into a small creative business. She also refinishes furniture and sews children's clothing on occasion.

Her writing and editing clients include such notable sites as eBay, Answers and Theme Park Tourist. She is prompt and professional, a stickler for details and always willing to go the extra mile.


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Savannah has completed numerous business articles on a variety of topics, including accounting, taxes, operations, advertising, and more. She worked as an accountant for nearly 15 years before transitioning to a full-time writing career. At one company, Savannah was responsible for all of the bookkeeping, taxes, advertising, payroll, and customer service, so she has extensive experience in the business industry.


Savannah has completed many articles in the health industry. Topics range from women's health and fertility issues to natural health and alternative medicine treatments. She has experience with a variety of health issues and never hesitates to research issues thoroughly, should the need arise. Sources are always cited appropriately in her articles.

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Blog Post

Savannah has completed hundreds of blog posts for various sites, and she posts content for two of her own websites as well. Topics range widely, with home and garden, business, finance, travel and entertainment being the predominant categories. She strives to write well for SEO, incorporating keywords so they flow seamlessly within the content. Her goal with a well-written blog post is to provide important information in a streamlined format that is easily discoverable online.


Savannah has thorough experience writing well-researched, informative articles for various publications. Articles cover an array of topics, including politics, health and wellness, finance, business, real estate and others. With articles, she focuses on delivering important information in a factual, credible manner. Her writing is authoritative, fact-checked and thoroughly edited before submission.

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