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Arthur is an accomplished writer who has been featured in many forms of media including print, blogs, literary magazines, press releases, copy, poetry, and creative writing. He can make magic with just about any topic and knows what it takes to optimize a piece for search engines. He loves writing and equally loves learning about new topics viewing the world as a vast puzzle waiting to unlock knowledge.


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  • Humor50+
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Summary of Industry Experience


Arthur is a certified personal trainer who has worked in gyms as well as owning his own in home personal training company. He has six years in the industry and has written about health and wellness for all types of websites and print. He continues to further his education by reading about the newest trends in the fitness industry which helps in both personal training and writing.


Arthur has written hundreds of reviews on mobile games and enjoys playing and writing about mobile gaming. He has had the pleasure of writing about mobile games in almost every genre along with some of the coolest mobile gaming accessories. As an accomplished review writer multiple companies have approached Arthur to write reviews on their newest games before their release date.


As a personal trainer Arthur has a deep seeded interest in nutrition and constantly stays up to date on all of the trends and scientific information in the nutrition world. He has written hundreds of articles about proper nutrition, holistic medicine, and diet along with writing reviews for some of the most popular health and wellness foods on the market.


Like many men Arthur has a soft spot in his heart for anything powered by electricity. He is always on the look out for the latest and greatest technology and enjoys both using and writing about the newest technologies. Whenever he can he gets on waiting lists to be one of the first to try new electronics and he frequents Indiegogo and kickstarter to stay aloof of all the emerging electronics.


As a writer Arthur likes to think of himself as a humorist who sometimes writes serious articles. He is often the funniest person in the room and can give people from all walks of life a good laugh. His humor writing is a mix between cynical, satire, sarcasm, word play, and puns. Arthur has had the pleasure of writing humor blogs, humorous commercials, and humor laden ad copy for profit.


If you were to visit Arthur's home you would immediately notice that he is a pet lover. One dog, two cats, and a fish tank are a pretty solid give away. Arthur has not had a ton of experience writing about pets but that is more about a lack of jobs than a lack of knowledge. As an amateur aquarist Arthur loves all things fish, the more exotic the better, and as a pet own Arthur has been through almost every situation you could with both cats and dogs.


Arthur has found great success writing about relationships, sex, and marriage for multiple men's magazines. He has been married for nearly seven years but spent plenty of time playing the field and learning what it takes to get the girl while remaining a gentlemen. Arthur has found a growing passion for writing relationship articles and has also found that writing such articles makes his own relationship stronger making this topic a win win.

Home Living

Arthur has not had any paid experience writing about home living but it is a passion of his that drove him to create his own home living blog. He has written about many topics from DIY to home decor and fancies himself somewhat of a handyman. He has a taste for the finer things when it comes to home decor and stays on top of the latest and greatest trends in home electronics and home automation.

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