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Monica has been a freelance writer since 2007. She has written articles in magazines and ghostwritten articles and blog posts for many clients, several on-going. She stepped out of writing for a while but has returned full-time and is excited about getting back into her favorite type of work. She is ethical and will not share what she has ghostwritten for others just as she will not share what she writes for you.


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Monica has written as a ghostwriting freelancer and under her own name since 2007. She has had several long-term clients and stepped out for a while to work in other fields. She has now returned to writing fulltime.


Monica has been marketing as a ghostwriter since 2007 and has helped admin several social media sites for writers, singers and a memorial page. She has several articles in a series of Texas-based magazines and a jingle she wrote has appeared on a local PSA (Public Service Announcement) in her area.


Monica has written several humorous articles and blog posts over the last decade.. She is now working on a book filled with humor called The Pros and Cons of Raising Mom. Her humor articles have including dating, being a single mom, finding humor in the "what ifs" in life as well as being optimistic.

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Monica sometimes write articles for a series of Texas-based magazines (has articles in Odessa Living and Wichita Falls Living magazines).

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