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Always writing poems and short stories, Roanne served on her high school yearbook staff (Urbana, OH Tower) for three years. Continuing to write, she also pursued interests in music by teaching beginner piano lessons for eight years, as well as performing at small venues, weddings and social clubs. She was the club musician at The Clintonville Women's Club from 2006-2010. She also performed on weekends at Mozart's Cafe and Bakery in Columbus, OH from 2005-2008.
Earning an associate business degree in Retailing Mid-Management, Roanne has over 30 years of experience. Specializing in customer service, sales, merchandising and display, she has worked in numerous gift shops and department stores in various capacities, including cashier and manager. She has represented many national product brands through promotions, advertising and product placement.
Putting her collection of poems into print, she self-published "Poems and Prose....for how life goes" in 2012. Roanne went on to write the mystery/dramas "Lies and Promises of the Secret Moon" and "The Echo of the Trail Remains" in 2013. "The Season's Assurance", an inspirational short story was published in 2014.
Roanne has also written over two hundred articles on topics including health, US news, business and entertainment. Relying on keywords and good headlines to attract viewers, she is familiar with current SEO techniques.
Studying Travel and Tourism and Hospitality Management from 1993 to 1994 only added to her already fondness for US domestic travel, landscapes and destinations. Fours years of work history took place with AAA Ohio Auto Club as a travel advisor, studying maps and working to help people fulfill their dreams.
Adding to her talents and skills, Roanne has also enjoyed serving others through part-time catering jobs. Working at a variety of events, Roanne is versatile and ready to help others.


Writing poems for special events, holidays, birthdays and tributes. Creating characters, fantasy and drama in fictional books. Writing song lyrics based on specific themes that include several verses and a chorus.


Music, cooking, traveling, gardening, celebrities, news, health and current events, all types of puzzles, photography.


Urbana High School, Urbana, OH

Studying general and College Prep courses, as well as Distributive Education, Roanne was active in high school and was a member of many clubs. She served as Layout Editor on the high school yearbook staff, participating in decisions concerning copy, photos and advertising.
Roanne was a key member of DECA, working in the school book store and competing in state contests. She earned Honorable Mention in the Job Interview category in 1974 and placed fourth in the state in the Advertising competition in 1975.
She also was a member of the National Honor Society, Ski Club, Math Club, Forensics, Track Team and Marching Band.

The Ohio State University

Being introduced to a diverse world through many cultures on one campus, Roanne discovered acceptance, new ways of thinking and self-discipline. Uniting with a sorority and several clubs, she found avenues of enrichment beyond her field of studies, opening her mind to new possibilities. Within her structured classes, she saw more to life than just following the rules and playing the game. Life had a purpose outside the box. Choosing to go on with other interests, she took a part time job at The Grand Canyon and expanded her horizons by studying people, places and things. Although dedicated to certain beliefs, Roanne has learned that life experience is the best teacher.

Columbus Technical Institute

Always working retailing jobs in various capacities, Roanne realized the need to pay bills by earning a living as a cashier and assistant manager in gift shops. Real life crept in and jobs seemed plentiful in the retailing business. Gaining experience in display, customer service and merchandising has been both fun and rewarding. After thirty years of retail experience, Roanne has gone on to pursue other interests such as writing and music.

Columbus State Community College, Columbus, OH

While employed with AAA Ohio Auto Club, Roanne advanced her travel industry knowledge by attending classes at Columbus State Community College. Focusing on Travel and Tourism and Hospitality Management, she was trained in airline reservations, destination travel and event planning. She also participated in the State of Ohio Tourism booth for two events located at the Ohio Fairgrounds (now known as the Ohio Expo Center)


10 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Studying the hospitality management field, Roanne gained knowledge in large scale venues, scheduling of events and serving the public. Putting her love for cooking, helping others and skills in customer service, she has worked as a server and prep cook for many events of all sizes, including private parties, weddings and large conventions. Being organized and able to problem solve has aided her in this industry.
Working with and for people towards a productive and successful outcome is always the goal. Serving people of all ages, religious and ethnic backgrounds, Roanne is comfortable in many settings. She has worked events such as weddings, hobby shows, company meetings and national sports conventions. Meeting people's needs and keeping them happy is very rewarding and promotes the bottom line of the company.


10 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

As a sales representative for many national product brands, Roanne has participated in promotional campaigns, displays, direct sales and customer service. Finding the right audience and or customer is always the goal of a successful business.
Actively contributing new ideas, Roanne is familiar with targeting the correct customer base to increase sales and productivity. She understands the effectiveness of communication and trustworthiness when representing a company. Realizing trends and competition, profits are realized with facts and benefits aimed at customer satisfaction.


10 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Studying piano instruction for twelve years, Roanne continues to be a music lover. Enjoying many types of genres, she also acknowledges the role music plays in society, therapy and in general learning. Also having marching band experience, Roanne agrees that music is a most important component of a happy life.
Teaching beginning piano mostly to young children, Roanne also has worked with adults and special needs individuals. Music is a universal language, crossing all economic paths and pasts. Uniting in song and rhythm, music is also helpful in learning math and organization.
Roanne is versed in classical as well as popular tunes. She has accompanied soloists, performed at weddings, for small venues and private parties.


200 Projects Completed

Using keywords and trending news topics, Roanne has written over 200 articles on various subjects. Researching the specific topic, she is skilled in writing catchy headlines and using different angles to attract a reader, inform, entertain and provoke thought. Writing articles with over 500 hundred words, Roanne has written articles on health, US news, sports, entertainment and science.

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