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Aaron is an educator and teacher turned author and freelance writer. His background is primarily in the field of education, including private tutoring, teaching private ESL classes, and teaching math in the public school system. He also spent time as a Christian missionary in southern Mexico.

Aaron's writing experience focuses primarily on creative writing and educational writing. He has written and published his own small volume of poetry entitled "A Few Thoughts About Life." He has written various children's story books for clients. His educational writing includes curriculum development in such forms as a computer programming textbook for middle school students and various exams and worksheets for educational institutions. He has also written and published a full length analysis of the Biblical book of Romans ("The Book of Romans: A Universal Gospel: The Redemption of the World").

In addition to his experience in the education industry, Aaron has studied theology and Biblical languages, been certified in ESL teaching, and completed most of a master's degree in education.


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Aaron has worked as a teacher and as a writer in the field of education. He has been hire to produce a full scale curriculum for teaching computer programming to middle school students. He has also worked for various clients in the field of exam and worksheet content production. He has also created his own textbook for use in learning NT Greek.


Aaron has spent time as a Christian missionary (three years in southern Mexico). He also teaches regularly at his local church. His undergraduate degree is in the field of Christian Religion. He blogs regularly in regards to the Christian life and has published a full length analysis of the Biblical book of Romans.


Aaron has played, followed, and enjoyed sports all of his life. He has also been a school soccer coach on the middle school level. He has yet to enter into the field of writing in relation to sport, but it is something he has considered exploring.

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Aaron has written business content for clients, including both articles for blogs and a business newsletter relating to job searches.

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