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Jennifer's experiences in life and academia allow her offer SEO-integrated writing in specialized areas such as art, animals, dinosaurs, and copy for children's products.

Art: Jennifer is an artist who uses mixed media to create fantasy and wildlife artwork. With over 10 years of experience, she knowledgeable about about a wide variety of mediums including colored pencil, graphite, watercolor, gouache, ink, and acrylics. Her academic background supplemented her hands-on creativity with important lessons about principles of design, color theory, and art history.

Animals/Dinosaurs: Jennifer has written almost 100 blog posts that serve as an educational resource for parents and educators to teach children about wildlife. Each article delves the animal's behavior, conservation status, environmental impact, breeding history (for dogs, cats, and horses), and other factual information. All articles requires thorough research using trusted educational resources such as university research, conservation institutions, and government-associated programs.

Product Copy: Jennifer has written hundreds of children's product copy for both digital and traditional marketing formats, including websites, catalogs, brochures, calendars, and magazines. The copy is tailored to each format, audience demographic, product specifications, and optimized for search engines. She specializes specifically in children's toys.

SEO: Both blog articles and product copy are formatted with SEO knowledge about keywords, meta-tagging, H1 headlines, and URL handles to create the optimal structure for search engines in written form.


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Jennifer has written nearly 100 blog posts about nature-related subjects including animals found on the farm, in the home, and out in the wilds. Other topics included scientists, paleontology, the environment, and different species of dinosaurs. Since the blog posts were written to aid parents and educators to teach children about animals, accurate and detailed references were required for authenticity. Cross-referencing facts, and discovering unknown tidbits of knowledge ensured that a quality educational post was delivered.


Jennifer has written hundreds of product descriptions on a variety of animal and dinosaur figures for children. Each collection had it's own characteristics, specifications, and all served an educational purpose. As such, each figure was introduced with a sentence or two about the animal or dinosaur, which then led into descriptions about the actual product, then the collection. Certain specifications were omitted from the copy if the website already provided that information in a separate text area.

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