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Leigh began her online writing career in 2007 and today her written work covers a broad spectrum. Her primary focus is on providing clients with quality content related to careers, staffing, business, technology, personal finance, legal, education, and U.S.-based travel. She has authored thousands of articles, web pages, and blog posts geared toward both B2C and B2B audiences. Leigh pays careful attention to detail and prides herself on her research skills. She has never missed a deadline.

Leigh's work has appeared in Washington Post Jobs, Washington Post Magazine, Forbes, education magazines and local newspapers. She has also written articles and blog posts appearing on the websites of attorneys, online colleges, tech companies, private schools, financial companies, and numerous businesses in various industries. Her niche writing areas include:

• Careers/Staffing - job search, career management, staffing, resumes, recruiting, interviews, soft skills, setting a career track, professionalism, personal branding, office conflicts, job market trends/statistics, freelancing, and much more.
• Business - marketing, content marketing, social media, HR, management, leadership, corporate/organizational culture, branding, data breaches, cybersecurity, customer service, outsourcing, governance, integrating technology, employee relocation, e-commerce, supply chain/logistics, entrepreneurship, remote working, office equipment, smart offices, office design, business loans, royalty investment, employee engagement, and more (just ask!)
• Tech - mobile, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart tech, infosec, cloud, and other cool tech trends.
• Personal finance - identity theft, money management, debt, credit, real estate, 529 accounts, insurance, estate planning, and retirement planning.
• Legal - various topics, but mostly related to personal injury, medical malpractice, and accidents.
• Education - college topics, online degree programs, distance learning, scholarships, financial aid, and more (everything from admissions to graduation and anything in between). She is also highly knowledgeable about special education subjects and IEPs from elementary age to college level.
• Travel - specializes in Washington D.C., Virginia and New York state but can also competently write about cities she has visited in the U.S. or about general travel tips.
• News - ability to create current and timely news style articles for most industries.
• Other - experience with writing on topics related to TBI, autism, home improvement, home living, HVAC (promotional and home living tips), parenting, and she's also penned many a job description.

In an earlier life, Leigh worked in a variety of administrative support roles in a community college. She has a strong interest in higher education and absolutely loved working with students. As an adult, Leigh returned to school to pursue the Associate's Degree she had not previously finished. After a terrific academic journey, Leigh earned her MBA. It was during these years of doing research-intensive papers on diverse topics, Leigh was bitten by the writing bug.

What some Writer Access clients are saying:

"Leigh was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm for our project won me over at the very beginning. She was easy to communicate with and quick to respond to questions/feedback. She delivered the project ahead of schedule and her writing exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Leigh again in the future!"

"Leigh's writing consistently exceeds our expectations. Very good at what she does."

"Your stuff always looks great. Thanks for going the extra yard!"

"Perfectly executed article. I typically have to edit the links and link text for most of the articles I receive but this piece has them inserted naturally and in an effective manner. Thank you for your hard work!"

"You crushed it, wow, just... wow! I'm so grateful, I was getting a lot of pressure for this piece. Thank you for working so hard on it."

"You are fantastic! I hope that we can work with you on future projects!"

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"Hit it out of the park again Leigh. Thank you!"

"Excellent writer, follows instructions, communicates effectively, and delivers high-quality content on time. Leigh is a pleasure to work with!"

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Leigh has written extensively on a range of topics for both B2B and B2C audiences. Specialties of Leigh's include blog posts and informative articles (with or without a call to action), along with promotional pieces and balanced ("newsy") style content. She is highly skilled at weaving current trends, studies, and events into any type of content. She loves to research the latest news in the careers, tech and business sectors. She has a high interest in the societal effects of technology and how it has touched all facets of life.


Leigh loves to take photos, especially in her local surroundings. With her high interest in history, living in the D.C. area provides many opportunities to explore with her camera. She is an active blogger.


Westchester Community College

Leigh earned an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts/Social Sciences, however, many of her electives were business and technology courses. As a result, she also pursued a one-year Help Desk Certificate from Westchester Community College after graduation.

SUNY/Empire State College

Having returned to community college as an adult to finish her associate's degree, Leigh immediately took this degree and transferred to a 4-year program at Empire where she could continue her education, putting a focus on business, management, and technology.

Keller Graduate School of Management

After completing her degree at Empire State College, Leigh took a six-month break and then jumped right back into learning. She graduated from Keller with an MBA with a concentration in Information Security.


448 Projects Completed

Legal topics Leigh has written about include motorcycle and auto accidents, traumatic brain injury, divorce, immigration, railroad accidents, DUI, foreclosures, traffic infractions, debt settlement, mesothelioma, bail bonds, general attorney pages, blog posts and much more. She has written for independent attorney websites and for prominent referral legal websites on the web. Many of her clients request her to weave specific keywords to increase SEO value which she has become skilled at. She has also written about the federal and state laws associated with different legal issues.


366 Projects Completed

Careers is a topic Leigh enjoys researching and writing about for both recruiter/hiring manager and job seeker audiences. She has written on an assortment of topics, including job search, interviews, resumes, office conflicts, job market trends, job-hopping, measuring your online reputation, cover and resignation letters, along with dozens of other career-related topics. Other subjects she has covered include different types of career opportunities (and the education needed to get there) and generational working preferences.


339 Projects Completed

Leigh has written hundreds of articles on various travel topics for clients (primarily US-based). Much of her other experience in travel has been written for her blog and published on various content websites. She has taken many travel-related photos in her home region of Washington D.C., along with other places she has visited and enjoys sharing these with her written experiences.


338 Projects Completed

Staffing is one of Leigh's favorite niches. From B2B advice to writing job descriptions to just about any topic hiring managers or recruiters would be interested in, she has written hundreds (or more!) of articles over the years that relate to all things staffing.


200 Projects Completed

Leigh has written and ghostwritten numerous articles relating to finance, including identify theft, credit theft, credit cards, buying a home, various fraud topics (business and consumer), ATM skimming, reducing debt, credit scores, retirement, 401(k), and other miscellaneous topics related to personal finance. Leigh has also worked on long-term projects where she fact-checked articles related to credit cards and banking, including one for a prominent credit website. She also manages a personal finance blog where she writes about topics related to money.

Real Estate

138 Projects Completed

In her writing, Leigh has covered several aspects of real estate and related topics targeted to both homeowner and home buyer audiences. She's also written pieces geared towards real estate professionals. In a year-long assignment, she had ghostwritten articles about retirement communities and topics that would be of interest to this audience.

Home Living

132 Projects Completed

To date, Leigh has ghostwritten several articles about home security, real estate, and HVAC, along with other informative articles related to home living on miscellaneous topics.


128 Projects Completed

Over the years Leigh has studied and researched many aspects of marketing as it's a topic she enjoys following and/or learning the latest trends. Her marketing writing experience ranges from content marketing to social media to tradeshows and much in between.


104 Projects Completed

Leigh enjoys writing about higher education subjects. Between her own college experiences as an adult student and her professional background of working in a community college, she has used her acquired knowledge along with supplemental research to cover numerous topics which include college accreditation, MBA degrees, online schools, scholarships, STEM, IT degrees, liberal arts and gen ed, college majors and the FAFSA process. Her work has appeared on college websites, in educational magazines, and in promotional emails.


35 Projects Completed

Leigh has ghostwritten several health-related pieces for medical websites (i.e. urgent care) and for companies that provide special needs services. She also has written numerous articles about traumatic brain injury. As a caretaker, she has first-hand knowledge of the challenges and milestones people with head injuries experience. Her portfolio includes articles written about autism, health news (i.e. studies) and trending topics which were written for clients or hosted on various websites.

Blog Post

1,336 Projects Completed

Previously has supplied content for a content marketing company for their company blog. Additionally, Leigh has ghostwritten hundreds of blog posts for various other types of industries, including but not limited to, legal, staffing, content marketing, B2B, travel and health.


582 Projects Completed

Leigh has written hundreds of informative articles for various clients and agencies. She loves to do research and likes to include statistics, fun facts or other details in her articles to enhance the value of the information she's presenting.

Web Page

276 Projects Completed

Leigh has written web page content for companies of various industries, including legal, tech, home living and staffing, to name a few.

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