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John T, an English graduate with a 23-year career in enterprise software, has authored web content and other marketing collateral for 10 software companies over the course of eight years, in a combination of permanent and freelance engagements.

John started out as a technical writer, and at one pivotal point, his deep product knowledge, combined with his fluent Spanish, earned John a promotion to international sales, where he spent seven amazing years traveling the world, training partners, and selling software he had just documented, with President's Club honors.

Overflowing with ideas inspired by conversations with customers and partners, John then parlayed his writing and sales experience to product marketing, and he has since copywritten hundreds of internal- and external-facing documents.

John T has published articles in Worcester Business Journal, Oracle Update, and Nor'Easter, and is writing a book in the background.
High Tech


John T is well-versed at researching a software market, assimilating the essence of a vendor's business model and value proposition, and then crafting marketing collateral such as:

* Web and blog content
* White papers, brochures, and data sheets
* Newsletters
* Press releases
* Internal-use sales collateral, including sales-strategy guides, product reviews, competitive analyses, win-loss analyses, customer profiles and success stories, and sales slide decks.


On a lighter note, John T enjoys reading and writing about social trends, world cultures, travel, vintage muscle cars, music, wildlife, nature, pets, health, healthcare, and surviving childhood. He has written many memoirs and stories over the years, and just might publish a book someday.


Florida International University

John grew up in Caracas, Venezuela as a U.S. citizen attending private American schools. He received a perfect score in the "Test of Standard Written English" section of his Verbal SAT test.
John T is fluent in Spanish and conversant in Portuguese.

High Tech

50 Projects Completed

Almost all of John's employers have developed cutting-edge technology. A list of workloads John has represented is in the "Software" section.


50 Projects Completed

All of John's experience has involved documenting, marketing, and/or selling software solutions for a variety of business models.


50 Projects Completed

John has been dedicated to the software industry for 20+ years. He has authored and distributed 100+ documents targeting end-user customers, developers, and system administrators. He also configured, launched and managed both a sales CRM implementation and a partner-solution catalog.

John T has worked for 10 software vendors spread across these markets:

* Cloud computing
* Software as a Service (SaaS)
* Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
* Open-source solutions
* Partner programs and catalogs
* Business Intelligence (BI)
* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
* Salesforce automation
* Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
* Programmable office-automation
* Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
* Storage-Resource Management (SRM)
* Software-appliance/embedded technologies
* Application Performance Management (APM)
* Identity Management (IdM)
* Healthcare-benefits administration


27 Projects Completed

John's 23-year career has been focused entirely on technology, working as a technical writer, international salesman, product-marketing copywriter, and partner-marketing manager. He has significant experience in the 16 software markets listed in the "Software" industry section.


25 Projects Completed

In addition to John's eight years of product marketing, he designed and managed Latin American marketing and sales programs for two consecutive software companies, and he led efforts to win four CRM awards for one employer, three years in a row.


2 Projects Completed

While living in Miami, John published a short story/memoir about Parrot Jungle, based entirely on his own nine months of experience working there as a master of ceremonies. He hosted three or four 40-minute live-parrot shows to audiences of 400 people, six days a week -- and then wrote a memoir about the unique experience.

John also documented the responsibilities of show guides while working at Parrot Jungle.

Pets have always featured prominently in John's life, thanks in large part to his mother's tendency to adopt every stray animal she happened on.


1 Projects Completed

John copywrote an article in Worcester Business Journal about new legislation for auto-insurance regulations.


4 Projects Completed

John has published these and other articles:
* A Worcester Business Journal article about new regulations for auto-insurance policies.
* A Worcester Business Journal article that explains banks' rationale for the fees that they charge their customers.
* An "Oracle Update" technical business journal that describes different methodologies for optimizing the efficiency of Oracle database queries.
* A (now-defunct) Nor'Easter article about strategies for job hunting.

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