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Casey S
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Casey S. began his career creating sketches for networks such as VH1, NBC, and The CW. Once he discovered that awards don't pay bills and making content for submission-based shows isn't a way to make a living, he decided to act and was featured on such outlets as LMN, Food Network, Style, and Travel Channel.

He has trained at The Second City through their Online Writing Satire program, completed his Dan Rather Journalism & Finding The Truth In News course, and he's certified in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and Bing Ads.
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Film, Television, Satire, Journalism, Relationships, Small Business, Travel.


Neuroscience, Acting, The Human Condition.


Southwestern Central High School

Class President 1999-2003


A course directed by Dan Rather.

The Second City

Strict emphasis on writing satire at a professional level.


89 Projects Completed

Casey is well aware that technology being used today may be obsolete in a few months and ancient by next year. His approach isn't cynical, but very knowledgeable towards the electronics we use today and how they affect our daily lives. The sample piece below is regarding content marketing and how simple uses of electronics help a site survive.


71 Projects Completed

Casey S. is an actor and writer. Other writing works include Yahoo, Smarty Social, eBay, Coupons.com, and Street Carnage to name a few. He currently lives in NYC and when he isn't writing he's probably being typecast on one of your favorite television shows.


55 Projects Completed

Casey has formal training in the business field as well as credentials for working with businesses ranging from large media corporations to benevolent mom and pop outfits. He can easily identify what a client needs, wants, and could do without when it comes to business survival. The article below is a sample regarding different approaches towards negotiating Artist Management Contracts.


53 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Casey himself is an actor, meaning that he wouldn't be involved in the occupation if he didn't love it himself. He understands the business aspect as well as the entertainment aspect of the business with over ten years experience. The sample article below is regarding the Mendes/Gosling baby fiasco during late 2014.


41 Projects Completed

Casey is a frequent traveler who has spent the past eight years living out of a luggage bag and bouncing from state to state. With a long list of destinations visited, Casey's stories of travel often cover what should be visited immediately, what landmarks could be saved for another trip, and what method of transportation would work the best.


39 Projects Completed

A sports fan himself, Casey can share sports news with no leniency or favoritism towards an individual team or player. Respecting the athletes for their love of their profession, he enjoys sharing the technical specifics that fans new and old to the sport can understand in layman's terms. Casey also specializes in "extreme" sports and the lengthy history behind them as well.


38 Projects Completed

For Casey, there is no finish line when it comes to education and learning about the world around him. From high school, college, to advanced education outside, Casey continues learning and sharing this information through his writing. The article below is regarding the similarities and differences between wood and metal shims for projects.


34 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Having knowledge under his belt as a former model in New York City paired with experience from writing style blogs in the past, Casey knows what he's talking about when it comes to fashion. His past in the trenches of the fashion world are something that cannot be learned as they can only be experienced firsthand.


28 Projects Completed

Casey has done work for the Food Network in the past and has written reviews with an extensive list of five star restaurants. He knows that the best way to a person's heart is through their stomach and writing about where this can happen at a restaurant is his specialty. The article below is regarding a restaurant called Red Rose.


26 Projects Completed

Writing about the outdoors and recreation is something Casey takes pride in. Quick tips about camping or sightseeing are all topics that are fair game with Casey's years of background in the great outdoors. The piece below is regarding places to visit and event taking place in the New Jersey area.


25 Projects Completed

Considering any major comedic talent that has changed how we enjoy comedy mainstream over the past ten years, it's likely Casey may have worked with them in some way. Borat, The Onion, and Tom Green are just some of the few notable talents he's been lucky enough to work with as he's stayed on the pulse of what next, who's next, and who's after.


24 Projects Completed

Casey S. is an actor and writer. Other writing works include Yahoo, Smarty Social, eBay, Coupons.com, and Street Carnage to name a few. He currently lives in NYC and when he isn't writing he's probably being typecast on one of your favorite television shows.


23 Projects Completed

Casey is very familiar with writing relationship information that can easily fit any age demographic. His relationship advice ranges from couples therapy to children behavior. Casey's target demographic is early through late teens getting through the difficulties of high school or preparing for college. The sample below is regarding the development of small talk social skills.


22 Projects Completed

Casey is an avid gamer that has jumped from platform to platform in terms of systems and software. From large pixels to the smooth operating systems of today, Casey has an opinion that can view a gameplay from a fan and developer's perspective. The sample article below is regarding little known facts about the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


21 Projects Completed

Casey is your one stop shop for career advice. Working throughout the country and overseas with multiple high end nationally known clients, Casey may be the spark for your company's flame. When it comes to figuring the best approaches towards getting things done the right way, look no further than Casey. The sample below is regarding screening for non-profits and why the process currently exists.


21 Projects Completed

Casey is very knowledgeable when it comes to topics about music and the industry surrounding it. From technical aspects of recording to how different the industry has operated over the past few decades, it more than likely that Casey has been aware of it before it hits major radio stations. Casey is also one of the few that can explain why Rihanna has sold more albums than The Beatles. The sample piece is regarding UFC entrance music.


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