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Candi has an array of professional skills in education and business. She has earned a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Candi is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Organizational Development. She has worked as a teacher and most recently a Program Director.
Although, fairly new in freelance writing, Candi has written content for articles, blogs, and other web sources for a variety of clients in different industries. She also has exceptional skills in copywriting. Candi's style of writing is relatable and easily understood by a multiplicity of readers. Candi's professional and educational skills have developed her into a noteworthy writer.
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Candi's interests are reading, traveling, shopping, trying different cuisines, and spending time with family and her dog.


Nova Southestern University

Candi obtained a Master's degree in Criminal Justice.

Nova Southestern University

Candi obtained her second Master's degree in Human Resource Management.


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Candi has worked in the business field for many years. She is cognizant of what it takes to turn around a failing business structure. Candi has written many articles related to every aspect of business such as developing a thriving company and keeping employees motivated. Candi is more than capable of writing any business related article.


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Candi worked as a third and fourth-grade teacher for many years. Her area of specialization was in Special Education. Candi loves learning, and she enjoys teaching others. She has firsthand knowledge of working in a school system, and she is currently a doctoral student. Candi has the perspective of a teacher and student.

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Candi has written blog post for several different industries. She has written content for articles, blogs, and other web sources for a variety of clients. Candi can easily adapt to the instructions of clients to produce the best possible work. Her writing style can be easily understood by various audiences.

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