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Amanda has been a web content creator and article writer for almost ten years, and she has written for a variety of websites and private clients. She started writing as a way to supplement the household finances while staying at home to raise her children, and gradually worked her way toward her goal of a freelance writing career.


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Amanda has written articles on smartphones, tablets, laptops and GPS devices. She writes for private clients as well as various tech blogs and other websites. She is an avid Android enthusiast, and has extensive knowledge of the operating system. Amanda has been using Windows PCs since the days of Windows 3.1 and has a strong working knowledge of PC maintenance.


Amanda has been a fitness buff for almost 15 years, since the birth of her oldest daughter. She has tried a variety of diet plans and fitness regimens, and she has a good idea of their general effectiveness. She has written for several fitness blogs and websites, and she can give a firsthand perspective on diet and exercise topics.


Amanda has written on legal topics for several years, and has had work published in multiple outlets. She has written on subjects such as divorce, personal injury law and criminal defense. While her legal experience is brief, her research capabilities and strong writing skills help her create current, engaging content for readers.

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