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He has written hundreds of published online articles and has also done SEO successfully for a number of years. Word Press, SharePoint and DreamWeaver are some of the content publishing tools he has used.

Also, he has written content pieces that have ranked within the top ten on Google and even number one organically at times.


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8 years of Web content experience. SharePoint, Word Press, Dreamweaver. Photography and video editing.

Green Living

Have written many articles in this space about food, EVs, clean energy, research and so forth. Also, my social media accounts tend to have followers with people interested in these topics. It is also a lifestyle choice that he finds of value, so there is some alignment personally.

Search Marketing

He has done SEO successfully for a number of years. He started at a top search engine called Infoseek in the first wave of Silicon Valley. There, he researched and indexed thousands of Web pages in the Directory product. He also received training in taxonomy. The first SEO experience was at the search engine called Inktomi.


He has worked with Web health content for over six years in the private sector and for a state government.

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