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Maurcia H is a seasoned writer with 20-plus years of publishing experience which includes 10 traditional print books, three book collaborations; more than 100 ghostwritten books (several of which have gone onto achieve #1 Amazon status in both Kindle and print form); hundreds of ebooks; and 2,000-plus full length feature articles in such notable magazines as First for Women, Complete Woman, Total Health, Your Health, Aspire, Preachers' Magazine, Journey, Children's Ministry Magazine, AAA Going Places, Parent Life and Writer's Digest, among others.

Maurcia owned and operated a small public relations firm in Philadelphia for more than 10 years, working with hundreds of large and small scale clients such as The Kimberly Clark Corp (Kotex Division), to develop press releases and articles that have appeared in hundreds of additional newspapers, trade publications and websites throughout the nation.

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Maurcia H specializes in writing ebooks and articles, although she is quick to take on any project that offers a way to expand her writing repertoire. Some of the topics she most enjoys writing about include: holistic health & nutrition, business, parenting, motivation, finance, personal finance, women's issues, marriage, student loans, getting ready for college, homeschooling, and family life.


A full time freelancer and full-time homeschool mom, Maurcia doesn't have a lot of time (or energy) for outside interests. She is known, however, to grab a few minutes to catch up on her scrapbooks; sneak a few pages from a favorite novel or take a quick trip to a a local historical haunt. When she really wants to indulge she fills her tub with plenty of bubbles and locks the bathroom door!


5,130 Projects Completed

Maurcia H. has been specializing in writing health related ebooks for nearly 10 years. Several of her books have been featured on Amazon's top seller list. In addition to her ebook projects, Maurcia has had dozens of articles published in some of the nation's top health related magazines.


3,510 Projects Completed

Maurcia has been writing how to articles for this industry for more than 20 years. She has been published in several dozen of the top family magazines in the nation and can handle any topic with ease.


3,000 Projects Completed

Having been published in more than a dozen national women's magazines and written several books for and about women, Maurcia is considered an industry leader within this genre.

Home Living

2,184 Projects Completed

Having written articles for dozens of home living magazines throughout the 1990's and early 2000's and now working with a half dozen home living blogs, Maurcia offers experience and a wealth of knowledge in this industry area.


1,579 Projects Completed

Maurcia has written a variety of holistic health and medical ebooks articles for various clients. Topics have ranged from epilepsy and lice to snoring and hemorrhoids.


1,539 Projects Completed

From personal finance to investing and banking, Maurcia is able to create articles that are both informative and interesting. Able to take hard to understand information and create a simple, yet practical article that anyone can use, Maurcia writes for both the average reader and professional alike.


1,512 Projects Completed

Maurcia has written hundreds of articles for more than two dozen national women's magazines ad multiple blogs.


1,085 Projects Completed

From detailed business articles geared toward the professional looking to increase their sales or revamp their business strategy to basic how-to pieces that can be used to help small business owners stay afloat, Maurcia offers practical articles that showcase simple strategies that can help nay business owner.


745 Projects Completed

Specializing in both how-to pieces as well as industry oriented articles, Maurcia has written press releases, blog posts and articles for a variety of construction companies. Although she does not write not highly technical pieces, she does handle explaining technical terms to the average reader well.


510 Projects Completed

Maurcia has written several ebooks/print books on a variety of beauty and skincare topics including acne; skin pigmentation; holistic skin care and aging.


374 Projects Completed

Maurcia specializes in writing blog posts, how-to articles and product descriptions for the auto industry.


351 Projects Completed

Maurcia H. has written dozens of articles that highlight basic banking offerings to consumers. She specializes in blog and how-to articles that help comsumers better understand the multitude of financial services being offered.


272 Projects Completed

Maurcia has written various ebooks and articles for dozens of professional clients all over the world and in many different industries.


256 Projects Completed

Trying your hand at a new career ... getting that job promotion ... starting your own business ...even quitting your job ...these are all career choices that take thought, planning and guidance. Maurcia specializes in providing readers with practical helps and solid career information through article, blogs and ebooks.


226 Projects Completed

Maurcia has written for numerous blogs and websites for appliance makers and sellers. She specializes in product descriptions and how-to pieces that describe the uses and benefits of the appliance, making them more appealing to the consumer.


206 Projects Completed

Specializing in fashion articles that relate to current style as well as celebrity fashion, Maurcia has worked with a variety of fashion blogs and online retailers to write feature articles; how-to articles and blog posts reaching men and women from their teens to their 50's.


203 Projects Completed

An expert in the publishing field with more than 20 years of experience, Maurcia has written numerous books and articles on how to get published for both the amateur and professional writer.


96 Projects Completed

Maurcia worked with Produce Business Magazine as a contributing editor from 2006-2009 and has just recently begun working with the publications again.


5,290 Projects Completed

Maurcia has been writing magazine and website articles for more than two decades. her work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines across the country. Popular genres have included: business, parenting, women, education, finance, health, and more.


1,504 Projects Completed

Maurcia H. loves helping professionals bring their expertise to the public eye through ebooks. Working as a ghostwriter for dozens of publishers and individual clients throughout the last 9 years, Maurcia has transformed her client's notes, thoughts, audio transcripts, workshop scribbling and even speeches, turning them into marketable ebooks that are used to enhance the client's brand.

Product Description

577 Projects Completed

Maurcia has written product descriptions and product guides for a variety of clients both in the United States and abroad. Among her most notable accomplishments in this area are guides and descriptions for eBay and Amazon. In addition to these popular site,s she has written extensively for private websites and retailers.


501 Projects Completed

Maurcia H has published 8 print books under her own name and ghostwritten 75 more under clients names. She specializes in taking a client's workshop tapes and notes and using them to create a winning book to be sold online and at seminars.

Press Release

150 Projects Completed

Having worked for a leading public relations form in Philadelphia for almost 10 years, Maurcia is very capable of handling the press release format for clients.

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