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--SEO for over eight years straight. If it is classified important to follow like for instant the constant Google changes, you better believe he is already reading it within minutes of the publication hitting the internet. Considering how Google alone makes over 500 minor tweaks per year with at least one or two huge changes each year, just keeping up with SEO can be very challenging. Jason though actually enjoys it since it keeps him busy, and provides a challenge in maintaining the most up to date SEO knowledge possible.

--Programming for nearly three years in college. Majoring in Software Engineering.


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Jason initially started his college career out in Business Finance before changing to Software Engineering. The business style degrees had become too saturated within the Ohio area which was the result in his college major changing. He has written for sites like Dollar Stretcher, Poverty Living, and Penny Pincher.

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Some experience that has been obtained by blogging would be numerous to mention. Jason has been published on Google News, World Start Magazine, Yahoo, Poverty Living, and many others. Posting on Blogs is an enjoyable act for him. It allows the creation of his work to be seen by everyone on the internet. This has resulted in Jason earning his entire income from blogging, and direct client work since 2008.

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