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A former writer for CNN, Joan's eclectic background in newswriting, social work, life as a preacher's kid, experience in writing fiction, essays, sermons, political speeches and original essays created for special occasions, equips her to deliver in many diverse arenas. An African American female who attended very integrated northern schools, she can write for diverse groups on a wealth of subjects. She has published articles on such subjects as life at CNN as a writer, life as a newcomer in a big city, a viewpoint on Michael Jordan's retirement from basketball, a special poem for a surprise birthday or anniversary, and positive change in welfare reform. Joan says, "Writing is what I was born to do. It comes easily. I love to write and I do it well. From business writing to creative fiction, from scholarly essays to passionate poetry, Joan can deliver your product quickly, confident that by virtue of content you will be pleased.


- Tiffany Trump & Whoopi Goldbert--an American Melting Pot Story
- Tennis Court Safety
- Conquering Knee Osteoarthritis/Healthy Eating/Exercise
- Matt Ryan NFL Player Biography
- Medical Care
- Surrealist Paintings
- Legal Issues
- Stranded Gas Issues
- Dental Supplies
- Auto Accident Legal Awards
- Auto Industry Military Discounts
- Dangers of Lead Exposure


"You're awesome! I've had so many applicants for this job posting ranging from lawyers to biologists but you stood out in the crowd by repackaging my story as it occurred in my life and made me cry, again. Thank you for being a part of my team and having the gift of impactful writing."

"Wonderful! Thank You!"

"A clear, easy-to-follow post that is informative and professional. Excellent work interpreting the instructions."

"Awesome job. I will have plenty more legal content coming. Thank you!"

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Joan is a motivational speaker and writer who seeks to let every individual become inspired to realize their potential, to refrain from allowing naysayers to discourage them from even attempting to achieve their goals. As a reporter and anchor, she was eager to encourage listeners to pursue this line of work and not allow naysayers to discourage them from considering that they could have a successful media career.


For the past few years, due to the extraordinary number of people out of work during the economic downturn, Joan has found many paid and unpaid opportunities to write about the experiences of people who have lost or anticipate losing their jobs. Joan often wrote of the spirit-wrenching trials and tribulations of those with financial responsibilities who suddenly found themselves without the means to provide for their families. One article focused on the pure anguish of applying for a job online.


Letter from a satisfied client who said Joan exceeded expectations:
"I've had so many applicants for this job posting from lawyers to biologists but you stood out in the crowd by repackaging my story as it occurred in my life and made me cry, again. Thank you for being a part of my team and having the gift of impactful writing. Together, I pray we can make a difference for all health care consumers."

Self Help

In most arenas in which Joan writes there is a common thread that is akin to the ideas and attitudes found in "self-help" literature, because that is very much a part of who she is. Whatever the industry or category of thought, there are certain core values and truths to be applied that everyone, regardless of their field of pursuit or line of endeavor, can and needs to embrace.


Joan found that using public transportation daily to go to work provided many opportunities to overhear bits and pieces of conversation that inspired subjects on which to write. Often on the way to work friends talk about their latest problems with their spouses, children, jobs and other various and sundry issues with which they are dealing.


The campaign and election of the first black President of the United States, needless to say, provided ample opportunities for written expression. Activities at the polls on election day inspired Joan to write a poem entitled, "I'm So Proud of Our People."

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Joan has completed 17 copywriting assignments for Writer's Access so far. See the sample below from a 7452-word article on Tax-Wise Business Ownership.

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