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Heather has been intrigued with writing since she was in school. Luckily, she stumbled upon freelance writing and has been gaining experience since then. With 8 years of freelance writing experience, Heather has learned different writing styles. She enjoys writing on different niches.

SEO is something that Heather learned quick. There was a big demand for SEO articles and blogs from private clients. Since Heather is a quick learner, she adapted well to this new type of writing. She has 5+ years experience in SEO writing.

When Heather is given a topic and assignment, she will first carefully do research. She understands you have to use reliable sources. She gets all the necessary facts and writes them down. Second, she will transform her notes into an engaging article. The third step is to proofread the entire article over before submitting to the client.
Not only is Heather a freelance writer for her career, she also enjoys the learning aspect of the career. She loves the research and she loves making the article based on her new knowledge of the topic.


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  • Health100+
  • Kids/Family50+
  • Relationships50+

Summary of Industry Experience


One of Heather's favorite niches is health. She has done numerous articles and blogs on this topic.


Heather has a strong interest in writing about kids/family. Family is important to her, so she continuously does research and writes engaging content.


Heather has a strong interest in writing about relationships. She likes to spread knowledge about healthy relationships.

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