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Sheila has thirty years experience as a corporate newsletter editor and writer. A retired HR professional, she currently writes SEO and blog content for several online writing services. Employee management is her area of expertise, but she has written on everything from the future of 3-D printing to how to coach young soccer players. She has a cookbook due to be published later this year, and she is working on a collection of fictional short stories. Sheila is an avid reader, and experienced researcher, and works diligently to give her clients the content they want and need to draw customers to their websites.


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Sheila worked for 15 years as the sole marketing employee for a crafts wholesale distributor. Writing duties included work on several how-to craft books, production and lay out of an 800 page catalog, and content writing for trade magazine ads.


Sheila worked for several years as a Human Resources Benefits Specialist, specializing in FMLA and other employee leaves. During that time she wrote monthly employee newsletter articles covering all aspects of employee benefits. These informative articles enabled employees to better understand and utilize the benefits provided by their company.

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