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After completing her master’s degree in Classics in 2005, Fem has worked as an editor and project manager for an academic publishing house for over 7 years, where she gained broad experience in editing and communication with people from various countries and various disciplines. In 2012, she decided to extend her horizon and traveled to South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Spain, where she did voluntary work, as well as a TEFL course and where she worked as a journalist for The Big Issue South Africa. In New Zealand, she even worked as an eco-volunteer. Fem eventually landed in Hamburg in 2013 and has been working as a fulltime translator, editor, copywriter and blogger in the city known as ‘the Elbe’s Pearl’ (Elbperle) since.


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Language Projects

  • English (US) to Dutch100+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Dutch

Fem has worked for an academic publishing house where company language was English for over 7 years. In addition, she has traveled extensively in South Africa (where she also worked as a journalist) and New Zealand. As a freelancer, she still works with English speaking authors on a daily basis. Fem has been working as a translator for over 3 years, and has experience with a broad range of texts, from product descriptions to newsletters, from novels to books on popular science and history, from blogs on gardening and pianos to texts for the tourism industry.

Industry Projects

  • Other100+
  • Education20+
  • Software20+
  • Marketing20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Fem has a very broad interest, which is reflected in the many different translation projects she works on. One day she translates a cookbook, the next day a blog post about self-help and becoming the best version of yourself and the day after that a text about online casinos or choosing the best credit card.


One of Fem's hobbies is learning new things, and teaching others new things. She likes to make 'the complicated' accessible to many people. It will not be a surprise that her favorite translation projects evolve around education, history and popular science.


Fem wouldn't necessarily describe herself as a computer nerd, but fact is that she has become much tech-savvier thanks to the many texts on software and other IT-related topics she has translated.


Fem has translated extensively for the marketing industry, working on projects ranging from interviews, tutorials, blog posts, newsletters and texts for websites and social media. As she’s also running her own business, she’s always keen to learn about new marketing strategies.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Other50+
  • Web Page50+
  • Product Description20+
  • Newsletter Content20+
  • Book20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Fem has translated over 70 blog posts on various topics, including SEO, gardening, online casinos, debt, credit cards, blogging, and travel. In addition to translating other authors' blog posts, she also writes her own, both in Dutch and in English. She thus has extensive knowledge of the blogging world.


Fem has translated various magazines, (educational) brochures, personal letters, resumes, application letters, social media posts, reports, tutorials, video transcripts and interviews. Topics range from popular science and history to marketing and IT.

Web Page

Fem has worked on over 50 website projects, ranging from entire websites to singular web pages, with website topics ranging from fire pits and children's books (from which you can see a sample below), to pages about marketing hacks. While translating, Fem keeps a close eye on keywords and other SEO relevant factors, so that the translated web page still rank well.

Product Description

Fem has translated over 30 projects concerning product descriptions for a wide range of products and companies, such as clothing lines, various types of guitars, pianos, electronic devices, wireless headphones and more. Her descriptions are consise as well as accurate.

Newsletter Content

Fem has translated over 30 newsletters for various companies, ranging from software/hardware manufacturers and clothing lines to ngos, printers and designers. Fem always makes sure that her translations are in line with the tone of voice of the companies she translates for.


Fem has worked on various book translation projects, translating large portions of books (and magazines) on popular science, gardening, cooking, history, and pop culture. Keeping the style of the translation as close to the style of the original text, while at the same time ensuring a legible text with a natural flow are her strong suits.