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After earning her MA in Translation, Mourine has been working as a freelance translator for over a decade; while holding positions with an international development agency, the State Department as well as private companies. This multi-disciplinary experience has enriched her with terminology in areas like diplomacy, development aid, the automotive industry and medical.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to French (Canada)1,000+
  • French (EU) to English (US)1,000+
  • French (Canada) to English (US)1,000+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to French (Canada)

Mourine has been producing high quality translation in this language pair for over 10 years. She is abreast with the linguistic and cultural nuances when translating into Canadian French.
She has also provided phone support to Canadian customers for almost 5 years.

French (EU) to English (US)

Mourine has over a decade of translation experience working from French into English. She studied French (EU) for 14 years and is familiar with various registers of English and French.

French (Canada) to English (US)

Mourine has been translating documents from French to English for over 10 years; delivering fast and culturally sensitive translations each time. Most of her customers are long-term due to the quality services she provides.

Industry Projects

  • Medical500+

Summary of Industry Experience


Mourine has a vast experience in medical translation ranging from doctor's notes and laboratory analysis to decrees and reports. For confidentiality, she is not able to share most of these translations.

Product Projects

  • Other500+

Summary of Product Experience


Mourine has translated over 20 service agreements between multinational companies from French to English and vice-versa. She has delivered succinct and very high quality translations each time. Her knowledge of Visio has come in handy to help with the diagrams and workflows in such documents.

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