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After getting a specialist diploma in Economics in 2005, Natalia has worked as an economist for 10 years. She has always liked English language and due to job reasons rarely did translation of different documents from English into Russian. In 2012 she decided to get a diploma in translation and to make it her profession. She has always liked to help people to understand documents and texts prepared in another language (English).


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Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Russian1
  • English (US) to Russian1

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Russian

Natalia, as a schoolgirl, started to learn UK variant of the English language. At the university she learned about the US variant of the English language.

English (US) to Russian

Natalia initially has started to learn the British variant of English. Later on, she discovered the peculiarities of the US variant. For translation from English into Russian the variant of English language is not so important.

Industry Projects

  • Legal1
  • Finance1

Summary of Industry Experience


Natalia has experience translating contracts and other legal documents from English into Russian for Russian companies.


Natalia has expierence translating financial documents and annual reports from English into Russian.

Product Projects

  • Annual Report1
  • Other1

Summary of Product Experience

Annual Report

Natalia (while working as an auditor at International company KPMG) has translated a large number of different documents from English into Russian and one annual report.


Translation of contracts and different agreements attracted Natalia's attention as there seemed to be a need for translation for Russian businesses. In November 2015 she worked on a translation project, an agency agreement from English into Russian.

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