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Robert is an award-winning marketer who ran content strategy and creation at two of America's largest banks. He's written for The Motley Fool and Business Insider.


Robert is a fiction writer, he's published several novellas and an illustrated thriller novel. Outside the office, he enjoys backcountry skiing, sailing, and golf.


American University


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Robert ran content strategy and creation at J.P. Morgan Chase Asset Management and later at Franklin Templeton. The key to successful content in this sector is simplifying the complex, building trust, and leading the target audience to take ACTION.


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Robert's strategy with this industry is to entertain and inform— if either is lacking readers/viewers will move on. The net result of his content is leading the person consuming the content to take action. This could be buying the product or sharing the content.


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Robert is adept at simplifying the complex. One of the most challenging industries to do this is financial services.

The editors at Motley Fool need their articles to be an authority in the market and provide investors with clear arguments on whether or not to buy or sell a specific stock.

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