Jeannie L
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Jeannie has worked as a sales and marketing executive for two Fortune 500 companies for over 18 years. She has extensive experience in influencing, developing and messaging the brand and vision of organizations. Her focus on content strategy and marketing lies in three main areas:
1. Developing and Diagnosing Commercial Insight
2. Choreographing the Customer Buying Journey
3. Building content, branding and differentiating the solution as “Your Company” vs. promoting “Thought Leadership”

Core Competencies:
• Strategic Planning
• Critical Thinker
• Sales, Training, Coaching and Marketing
• Building strong customer relationships
• Competitive Analysis
• Project Management
• Diagnosing roadblocks
• Team player
• Ability to translate “Big Picture” into Actions/Results


Jeannie has been happily married for over 16 years and resides with her husband and two children in Scottsdale, AZ. Jeannie spends a lot of her "work hours" consulting with small businesses to build sales teams, develop training curriculum, creating coaching models and executive leadership development programs. Jeannie also enjoys reading, hiking, skiing, pilates, and traveling with her family.


University of Southern California


10 Projects Completed

Jeannie has extensive experience in the Bio/Pharm industry at large and small organizations.


2 Projects Completed

Jeannie worked with executives on "branding" themselves.


5 Projects Completed

Jeannie worked with key executives in creating compelling presentations on areas such as new product campaigns, incentive program roll-outs, and buy in and cultural changes in organizations during times of accelerated growth.


2 Projects Completed

Jeannie assisted in designing a global campaign for retail audio organization as they moved from a web-based company only to physical store openings and partnerships with other retailers for display space.

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