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Sharon has been a content writer for more than 10 years and has been a writer on WriterAccess since 2011. That experience and her inbound marketing training helped her expand into content strategy. She is an observant, empathetic person who is strong with market research and audience research, including through surveys. Her degrees in social science add to her understanding of social research. She can connect a brand's goals with the audience's needs and wants to create effective content strategy.
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Sharon loves to read and can be found writing fiction when she's not writing for clients. She enjoys spending time in nature and with her husband and cat. She explores creative pursuits and consistently practices meditation and yoga.


Stockton University (previously Richard Stockton College)

Sharon studied sociology, cultural anthropology, psychology and other social sciences. She learned about patterns in society, how society functions, social research, social theory and related topics. She also performed extensive research, including interviews and observation, which she incorporated into research papers.

Florida Atlantic University

Sharon studied sociology and other social sciences. She took a deeper dive into social problems and social change. She was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for two years, which included performing research for professors, assisting professors, and planning and teaching two semesters of a social problems course on her own.


50 Projects Completed

Health is one of Sharon's main specialties. She has provided content strategy and content writing for health companies based in nutritional ingredients, yoga and fitness, addiction, hospice and other health areas.


21 Projects Completed

Sharon has created topic ideas about marketing and guided clients on marketing strategies they could use to promote their brands. She writes consistent blog posts on marketing for a content marketing agency.

Non Profit

2 Projects Completed

Sharon performed audience and market research for a non-profit hospice and a non-profit volunteer organization. Her work included developing and carrying out surveys, interviews and presentations. Goals included discovering focus areas for volunteer efforts based on community needs and member interests, and improving volunteer, employee and patient/family member satisfaction.

Blog Post

6 Projects Completed

Sharon has helped clients develop topic ideas and plans for their blogs. She understands how to come up with fresh, engaging blog posts on a consistent basis. Also, she can create blog content ideas to fit different stages of the buyer's journey.

Web Page

6 Projects Completed

Sharon has worked on optimizing web page layout to improve the user experience and has guided clients on creating and updating their websites.

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