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Podcasts for writers. And all of our freelancers.

Explore some of our past podcasts hosted by WriterAccess founder Byron White.

The Art of Explanation

There’s an art of explanation, and Lee LeFever has written a book on the subject with the same name. Lee creates explanation videos for companies, and has worked with Google, Dropbox, and LEGO. Learn the the elements to what makes content understandable, and the importance of tone and style in the process. Want to hear more about Lee and his videos? Visit:

Confessions of a Ghostwriter

What’s the life of a ghostwriter like? Byron chats with Andrew Crofts, who has made a career out of ghostwriting, publishing over 80 books. Learn what it takes to be a ghostwriter, how to work with clients, and who Andrew would like to write for. Find out more about Andrew and his books at

The Tall Lady With The Iceberg

Learn the neuroscience behind metaphors and how companies employ this figure of speech to sell products. In The Tall Lady With The Iceberg, Anne Miller teaches readers how to communicate through metaphors. Anne is an author, speaker, and a Sales and Presentation Specialist at Chiron Associates, Inc. Learn more about Anne at:

Ask the CEO

In this second installment of the Ask the CEO podcast, WriterAccess CEO Byron White talks with Talent Marketing Manager Greg Hunt about a variety of topics submitted by writers. Topics include how to get involved in the WA community and what the long term plans are for WriterAccess.

The Productive Writer

Sage Cohen, author of The Productive Writer, chats with Byron on this week’s Writer Podcast. Sage gives listeners tips to help them become better writers – from facing their fear of not being good enough, to figuring out how to create writing goals and measuring their success. Byron also asks her questions about the importance of attitude while writing and working with clients. To learn more about Sage, you can visit

The 5 Hour Author

Travis John shows Byron how to become a five hour author through his book that’s aptly titled The Five Hour Author. Travis talks about the best way to select writers, and how to guide writers when you’re not one yourself. Founder and chief strategist of the Travis John Agency LLC, Travis is also a father and husband, who’s founded several other companies. You can download a free copy of John’s book at

Letting Go of the Words

Byron talks copywriting with Ginny Redish, whose titles include copywriter and author. In the interview, Ginny explains that writing is a conversation, and shares the tools on how to make yours successful. She’s written three books, and credits to her name include founding the Document Design Center at the American Institutes for Research in Washington D.C, and is a speaker and mentor. Find out more at:

Copywriting Academy

On the ninth Writer Podcast, Byron talks with Andy Maslen, author and copywriter. He’s authored five books, most recently Persuasive Copywriting. In the interview, you’ll learn how people make decisions, the process of transitioning from a writer to a copywriter, and how storytelling plays into the selling process. Learn more about Andy his Copywriting Academy at


Byron gets an update on Uberflip with its CEO and co-founder, Yoav Schwartz. Listen to learn what’s new on the content marketing system.

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The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction: Your Blueprint for Building a Strong Story

Venturing into the world of fiction writing, Byron talks to Susanne Lakin about what makes a successful novel. She’s a writing coach and novelist with several books to her name, in genres including fiction, sci-fi and fantasy. In this Writer Podcast, Susanne discusses how to avoid the common pitfalls in fiction writing, and the 12 pillars that all plots must have. Keep up with Susanne at

“Acid Trumpet” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Ask the CEO

WriterAccess CEO Byron White talks to Talent Marketing Manager Greg Hunt and fields questions directly from writers. He discusses everything from how to increase your star rating as a writer to what the new Rising and Falling Star systems means. Listen in to get a leg up!

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