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Podcasts for writers. And all of our freelancers.

Explore some of our past podcasts hosted by WriterAccess founder Byron White.


When is obvious the enemy? Byron talks to Rohit Bhargava, best selling author, speaker, and founder of the Influential Marketing Group, about his latest book, Non-Obvious. In Non-Obvious, Rohit writes about how to discover emerging trends through observation. Learn what Rohit thinks will happen if companies ignore digital trends, and what the meaning behind the “spoon code” is. To catch more of Rohit, visit

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

Learn the tips and tricks of great copywriting with Mish Slade, author of May I Have Your Attention, Please?, and founder of the copywriting agency, Mortified Cow. In this podcast with Byron, Mish explains the questions she asks when talking to clients, and what’s essential to do when working with them. To learn more about Mish and her business, visit

Ask the CEO

In this third installment of the Ask the CEO podcast, WriterAccess CEO Byron White talks with Talent Marketing Manager Greg Hunt about a variety of topics submitted by writers. Topics include how to raise your star level and the upcoming changes at WriterAccess in 2016.


How do we turn stories into sales? Byron talks with Bernadette Jiwa, author of Meaningful, about all things storytelling. Learn about where we go wrong with storytelling, and how timing is important to this art. Meaningful is Bernadette’s fourth book, published in 2015. To learn more about Bernadette and storytelling, visit:

Search and Social

On this week’s Writer Podcast, Byron talks to Rob Garner, Head of Growth at 3Q Digital, and author of Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing. Learn if SEO is still stronger than ever, why you have to optimize your content, and the tools that Rob is using for social media.

Writing Habit Mastery

Why take on the challenge of writing a book on curing writer’s block and writing 2,000 words a day? That’s how Byron starts his interview with Steve Scott, author of Writing Habit Mastery – How to Write 2,000 Words a Day and Forever Cure Writer’s Block. Steve explains how he finds his target audience, how he builds his own habits, and how much time is spent marketing his books versus writing. Steve runs, which seeks to help people improve their life. Read more about Steve at

Human to Human #H2H

Why do we share? What happens when we share? Byron quizzes Bryan Kramer, author of Human to Human #H2H, on these questions. Learn how to make content more likable and shareable, and find out why mistakes are important in this space. Bryan is the CEO of PureMatter, frequent speaker and host of the #H2H Twitter chat. He’s been named a top 25 Influencer to Follow by Forbes, and is a featured contributor on, Business2Community and IBM Social Business. Read more about Bryan at

Valuable Content Marketing

How do you analyze quality content? Sharon Tanton and Sonja Jefferson tackle questions all about good content – a topic they know well, as they co-authored the book Valuable Content Marketing together. In the interview, Byron asks them if there’s a new definition to quality content, and how the role of content creator has changed in the last few years. Keep up with Sharon and Sonja at:

Content Marketing Strategies for Dummies

What is great content, and what makes it engaging? Byron chats with Stephanie Diamond, author of Content Marketing Strategies for Dummies, who addresses these questions and more on our weekly Writer Podcast. Stephanie worked as a marketing director at AOL for eight years, and founded Digital Media Works, Inc. To learn more about Stephanie and her books, you can visit

Maximize Your Social

Neal Schaffer, named one of marketing’s ten biggest thought leaders by, joins Byron to talk about all things social. In the podcast, catch up on what’s new on social media, learn about how much time should be spent on the different platforms, and much more. To find out more about Neal, visit

Brain Surfing

Heather LeFevre spent a year of living with nine top marketing strategists around the world. She stayed with each of the strategists for two weeks, and documented what she learned in her book, Brain Surfing. Listen to the interview to hear about how she planned her trip, and what kind of wisdom she gained. You can learn more about Heather here:

The Content Promotion Manifesto

In this week’s Writer Podcast, Byron chats with Chad Pollitt, VP of Audience and Co-founder of Relevance. Learn why Chad thinks that audience is king, and his thoughts on the content that we see today. He’s been named one of the Top 20 Digital Strategists in Marketing from the Online Marketing Institute and is ranked 5th on the Top 100 Content Marketing Thought Leaders list by Onalytica. You can learn more about Chad and download his book at