Freelance writing. Fabulous pay.

Monetize your freelance talent with access to brands and agencies that look to you for quality writing.

Basic Marketplace

Access the Basic Marketplace for projects priced by the word ranging from 2 to 10 cents depending on the quality clients demand.

Pro Marketplace

Access the Pro Marketplace coming in Feb 2019 for higher quality work requirements priced by the word (11 cents to $2), flat rate fee or hourly rate.

Verified Rates

Secure your spot in the Pro Marketplace fees with new Verified Pay Rates coming in Feb 2019 to build trust with new clients.

Basic marketplace. Pay by the word.

Basic WriterAccess members(Clients) access a big pool of freelance writers like you from the Basic Marketplace. All writers are proven professionals, assigned star levels based on hand review of your experience and samples, ongoing performance in the platform and customer reviews. The higher the star level you earn, the higher pay rate you make along the way.

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Pro Marketplace. Pricing by you.

Pro WriterAccess members (Clients) access an elite pool of freelancers with the expertise and verified rates (coming soon) for strategic and/or higher quality work. Work and pay rate verification required, or higher price per word completion at WriterAccess. Writers can choose to apply ONLY for the Pro Marketplace, or both marketplaces. You review client’s projects and negotiate flat rate fee, hourly rate or price per word starting at 11 cents.

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