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Brigid F
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Joined 3/22/2024
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Brigid has been channeling her invaluable skills into the realm of copyediting over the last three years. She’s a freelance editor for a content creation platform servicing B2B and B2C companies across all industries and is an academic outline reviewer for a MOOC-providing platform. Brigid has also worked as an in-house editor and AI-generated content editor.

Additionally, Brigid has more than two decades of hands-on work experience as a clinic supervisor and class instructor in higher academia.

Brigid will delicately refine your work and elevate your message with the same attention you put into crafting it. She ensures crystal-clear communication to any target audience while preserving your authentic tone and voice. If you want to lead the pack in your industry, rest assured Brigid aims to support you in reaching that goal.
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