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John has more than two decades of editing experience. During this time, he has served in a variety of roles including editor, managing editor, copy editor, and content reviewer for dozens of published works. These have included a newspaper, several magazines, eCommerce, business, and industry blogs, and books. His experience and training allow him to review writing from several perspectives including copy editing perspective (spelling, grammar, cohesiveness), managing editor perspective (newsworthiness, completeness), and marketing effectiveness (persuasiveness, marketing pathways/stages).
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John's editing specialities include:
* Media and Press Releases
* Brochures and Informational Content
* Speeches (especially public policy)
* Publication materials (magazine articles, news articles, book chapters, etc.)
* Direct response marketing materials (including fundraising direct mail)
* Social media posts and responses
* Employee handbooks and HR materials (from a non-legal view)
* Educational materials and lessons

He edited his first publication more than twenty years ago and has been writing and editing professionally ever since.


John's writing and editing interests include:
* Business strategy
* Business e-commerce and emerging technologies
* Business process, operations, and marketing
* Nonprofit topics (United States)
* LGBTQIA+ topics
* Progressive and Progressive-leaning Public Policy
* Self-Help including addiction recovery
* Prisoner re-entry and resources
* Choral and Vocal Music


North Park University

John holds a Masters with Distinction in Nonprofit Administration

Non Profit

500 Projects Completed

John holds a Masters in Nonprofit Administration degree with distinction, is a Certified Nonprofit Professional, and has been a professional consultant and advisor to hundreds of nonprofit organizations over a 20+ year career. He now writes and edits articles on nonprofit best practices, reviews and edits grants, direct mail, website content, and social media content for a handful of appreciative clients.


120 Projects Completed

For more than a decade, John has worked with eCommerce clients on search optimization, design strategy, digital content, and email/social marketing. He has proofread and edited content on dozens of web stores, including half a dozen full website rewrites. He continues to keep on top of the latest trends and changes in search algorithms in order to provide the best editorial services for our eCommerce clients.

Self Help

25 Projects Completed

John is editor of a self-help blog focusing around addiction, legal consequences, and community support. Articles focus around multiple pathways to recovery and includes resources for individuals at all stages of the legal process including incarceration. His editorial tasks have included unified voice/tone, research and citation, and general proofreading.

Direct Mail

350 Projects Completed

John has written and/or edited dozens of direct mail letters for nonprofits across the United States and Canada. These have varied from informational updates to major fundraising appeals, generating thousands of dollars in contributions. John has also edited numerous direct mail pieces for business and corporate clients and is well-versed in the areas of direct-response, data-driven integrations, and personalization.

Blog Post

300 Projects Completed

John has written hundreds of blog posts including posts written solely for blog content, or other uses. He maintains his own blog and serves as editor and chief content officer for a restorative justice blog, in which he edits more than 20,000 words per week.

His editing style for blogs is adaptable to the voice of the blog and has, in the past, included:
* Business professional writing
* Community casual writing ("We are all in this together")
* Persuasive
* Authoritarian / Executive

His work for WritersAccess has included post-ready content writing for a major men's lifestyle blog.

Newsletter Content

250 Projects Completed

John started as an editor of his high school newspaper, went on to edit his church newsletter, and finally settled into a career as a professional editor, writer, and content strategist. He has served as an editor for major trade publications in the areas of eCommerce, LGBTQIA+ culture and civil rights, and wellness / self-help.

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