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Joe B
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Post Falls, ID
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Joe B is happy to provide extensive editing experience, from minor touch-ups to major revisions to complete rewrites. He has performed proofreading, copyediting and advanced editing for a variety of employers and private clients, including print and digital media. He especially enjoys the collaborative process and helping to facilitate the creative process in order to achieve something both the writer and the audience enjoy.


30 Projects Completed

Correct numbers are definitely important in business stories, but so is correct context. Joe B. is accomplished in helping clients get right to the important information in their business writing. This means no flowery language or overly complex jargon – unless you’re writing for that type of audience that is seeking that type of content! He has worked with clients on a variety of topics including investing, business principles, technology and finances.


18 Projects Completed

Comprehending medical terms can be like a foreign language sometimes. While Joe B. isn’t a native speaker he at least is able to understand and translate. This includes understanding not only medical terminology but some of the sometimes confusing regulations that are dull but necessary. He has edited a variety of health publications to not only ensure proper grammar but correct compliance with various privacy laws.


15 Projects Completed

‘Legalese’ is a thing that even attorneys hate. But this language keeps the legal system in place, as confusing it can be to civilians. Good editing of legal jargon or its cousin law enforcement speak can help readers understand and appreciate a particular situation, while poor editing can confuse and frustrate people, and perhaps cause legal liability if it’s incorrect. Although he hasn’t received legal training and can’t provide legal advice, Joe B. has edited a wide variety of law-related publications, including overviews of college law programs, crime stories and legal briefs.


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