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Carey brings more than 20 years of experience as an editor and writer. She has coordinated marketing communications for a busy U.S. library system and managed book projects for a trade publisher. She was promoted twice before she adopted a freelance lifestyle.

She provides editing and proofreading services, including readability improvements. Her experience encompasses:
+ Web pages
+ Newsletters
+ Emails
+ Marketing materials
+ Instructional content
+ Feature articles
+ Blog posts
+ Social media posts
+ Nonfiction books and booklets
+ Catalogs
+ Press releases

She uses Associated Press Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style; has updated house style guides and created numerous style sheets for individual projects; and adheres to brand style.

She applies an equity lens to her work. She advocates for plain language.

Carey has a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in Women's Studies from the State University of New York at Geneseo.
Newsletter Content
Mobile Content
Web Page
Non Profit
Blog Post


Carey's specialties include:

+ Simplifying complex content.
+ Editing to a specific level of readability (for example: grade 9).
+ Crafting newsletters.
+ Leading with the benefits to the reader.
+ Explaining how things work.
+ Following best practices for online writing (for example: plain language, short sections, lists, links).


When she isn't editing, Carey loves writing creatively, reading, birding, yoga, vegan cooking, nature journaling, watercolor and crafting greeting cards. She's a feral cat caretaker and citizen scientist.


State University of New York at Geneseo

Carey holds a bachelor's degree with a major in English and a minor in Women's Studies.


1,000 Projects Completed

It's impossible to count how many marketing projects Carey has tackled during more than 15 years working for one of the busiest library systems in the United States. Hundreds of projects per year! She has edited newsletters, web pages, blog posts, brochures and flyers, social media, mobile app copy and more. Her projects promoted library resources and programs, and helped people use library services.

Examples of marketing projects:
+ Raising awareness about public services like technology help, mobile printing, tutoring, citizenship classes and delivery for homebound seniors.
+ Keeping the community informed about agency news and service changes, such as pandemic policies, new hours and updates on capital bond projects.
+ Promoting events and classes on a wide array of topics, from early literacy to local culture to DIY.
+ Raising awareness of free research resources.
+ Connecting people with books, movies and music.

Non Profit

50 Projects Completed

Carey served as a communications volunteer while serving on the board of directors for a farm animal sanctuary. For two years, she wrote and edited (printed) newsletters, appeal letters and social media. She developed a unified voice for the organization, established a Facebook presence and transformed the content of the newsletter to meet professional editorial standards.


20 Projects Completed

Carey has served as project editor, copyeditor or proofreader for many nonfiction book titles. After three years as an assistant editor for an East Coast trade publisher, she became a freelancer for about two years until she transitioned into library marketing and communications. During those five years she worked on many book and bulletin projects, including these:

The Fence Bible by Jeff Beneke
Mom's Best Desserts by Andrea Chesman
Peaches and Other Juicy Fruits by Olwen Woodier
The Snowshoe Experience by Claire Walter
Cooking with Cranberries by Lura Rogers
Jams, Jellies and More by Carol Costenbader
The Leave-No-Crumbs Camping Cookbook by Harold Kahn and Rick Greenspan
People of the River by Bill Mercer
Extending the Artist's Hand by Chris Bruce

Web Page

200 Projects Completed

Carey has edited more web pages than she can remember. She was the lead editor for a library website with more than 7,000 daily visitors (and that's not counting folks who were using the catalog) and many pages that were updated continuously over the years.

Carey has mastered strong web writing practices. She knows the importance of using plain, everyday language; breaking content into short sections with meaningful headings and subheadings; starting with the most important information; using keywords; making liberal use of lists and bullets; and using contextual links.

Newsletter Content

150 Projects Completed

Carey served as Multnomah County Library's monthly newsletter editor for 10+ years, working with graphics and production teams to distribute the newsletter to ~45,000 subscribers. She understands how to write and test subject lines and how to craft captivating headlines, short but compelling articles, and clear calls to action.


100 Projects Completed

Carey edited hundreds of brochures about library services for Multnomah County Library, as well as other printed items such as bookmarks and flyers.


100 Projects Completed

As a features writer and news assistant for one year, Carey wrote many articles and crafted news items from countless news releases for a weekly county newspaper.

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

As the lead editor at Multnomah County Library, Carey edited numerous blog posts written by library staff on a variety of educational topics, including literature, research, financial assistance and more.


25 Projects Completed

Carey has edited or proofread about two dozen nonfiction books and booklets for traditional trade publishers, and currently edits self-published titles on a freelance basis. Her focus is how-to books and cookbooks.

Mobile Content

2 Projects Completed

Carey wrote and edited content for Multnomah County Library's first mobile app and began work on the second mobile app, currently in progress.

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