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Rene has 15 years of experience as a news reporter and web editor before moving into digital communication and public relations.
She has edited content from interns to Fortune 500 executives, helping them improve and write with more clarity and persuasion. Her time as a reporter and editor has enabled her to quickly learn and research any industry and apply those learnings to ensure complex subjects' accuracy.
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Rene is adept at editing the work of junior interns and senior-level executives with a special skill for minimizing excessive wordiness that often accompanies business marketing materials.
Her experience in a newsroom ensures a firm grasp of AP Style, and her journalism degree also included extensive familiarity with the Chicago Style Manual.
Not only does Rene edit for clarity and correctness, but because of her extensive digital marketing background, she is also able to apply her keen understanding of platforms and edit with nuance for the best performance.


Rene has a deep interest in helping improve writing overall and enjoys working across many different areas and types of businesses.
She has a particular interest in working with executives to craft and formulate written content that needs development work.


University of Michigan

Rene attended the University of Michigan, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. She has been able to apply that foundational education immediately and ever since in every facet of her career through strong writing and editing.


115 Projects Completed

With over seven years of experience in newsrooms as a web editor, Rene is deeply comfortable editing others' complex writing and understands how to be a good editor who enhances the content and makes it better without fundamentally changing the work.

Non Profit

90 Projects Completed

Rene has experience working with several major non-profit organizations writing and editing marketing materials for fundraising, radiothons, public relations, media interview talking points, radio scripts, digital and print advertising, social media, flyers, mailers, emails, and many other types of content to help promote and raise donations for the organizations.


80 Projects Completed

During her tenure at a B2B Agency, Rene worked with a major banking institution and wrote and edited copy across platforms for events, public relations, social media, speeches, talking points, digital and print advertising, and even yearly reports.


75 Projects Completed

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Rene has a personal interest and knowledge in the subject matter that enables her to edit with speed and clarity across many different content platforms for many different topics within the space.

Self Help

74 Projects Completed

Rene has written and edited content in print and digital spaces including email, social media, e-commerce book sales, blogs, landing pages, speeches, and other materials in the self-help and personal development space.


59 Projects Completed

Rene has several years of experience from previous employment working as the digital communications coordinator for a large international law firm. There, she wrote and editing content for senior leadership from LinkedIn profiles to keynote speeches, social media posts, and email and summary briefs on the latest legal news.


50 Projects Completed

Rene has written and edited content across traditional and digital marketing for agencies and corporate executives on various topics within the technology and app development space. She follows the latest news and information and stays informed on recent developments to keep abreast of frequent terminology changes.

CBD Products

10 Projects Completed

As an emerging industry, the language for CBD, (cannabis, and medicinal marijuana, etc.) is still in infancy. It's important to have an editor who understands that the terminology may change across the industry but bringing clarity to each piece despite that is important. Rene can help ensure the reader, despite differences of terms they'll read across publications and providers, has a clear understanding of the subject matter.


450 Projects Completed

As a lifelong content creator, reporter, content manager, and editor, Rene has edited hundreds of articles from personal essays to highly complex technology how-to white papers. Her years of experience working both in an agency and as the client allow her to quickly understand the language of any subject and style of any writer and edit according to the objective of the content.


250 Projects Completed

Rene spent several years working in digital performance marketing. She led teams in creating advertising content that converts leads to sales and turns one-time customers into loyal repeat buyers time after time.
Writing and editing ad copy takes a special understanding of objectives and platforms and a quick understanding of consumer mindset and the buyer journey to create memorable action-based copy, and that's what Rene brings.

Web Page

223 Projects Completed

With over seven years as a news site publisher, web editor and a lifetime of website and blog content writing and site management, Rene knows about web page copy.

Editing web page copy and understanding SEO are two critical components that go together to craft perfectly optimized pages. Rene has the unique skill set as a digital marketer, editor, and writer to ensure your web pages are delivering on the job they are intended to do.

Email Copy

154 Projects Completed

Email is a specific platform with a specific purpose of speaking to people who signed up for your communications. That requires a certain type of copy.
Throughout Rene's career working in digital marketing, she has written, edited, and optimized emails for many different types of brands and organizations that have helped make them more clean, clear, concise, and convert better.


103 Projects Completed

Rene has several years of experience in public relations, writing speeches and talking points for high-level executives, and understands the value that clear and concise editing can bring to the process.
Good speech editing will help the speaker perform with more confidence and deliver a more memorable, impactful keynote or presentation.

Case Studies

55 Projects Completed

Rene can take a case study and edit it to show a complete picture of the project and the results by clearly outlining the components of the project, beginning with the objective and showcasing step by step how results were obtained.

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