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Zachary has completed about 50 proofreading assignments outside of WriterAccess. He has far more writing experience, but this work also involves editing. He always proofreads WriterAccess articles at least twice. Additionally, he reads the text aloud when working on five- or six-star assignments. Zachary edited and self-published a paperback book that has an average rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon.
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Zachary excels at producing content that provides information about home services, shopping, energy, financial issues and decluttering. He has also learned how to use British or Australian English when necessary.


Zachary enjoys photography, cooking, reading, drawing and taking walks around town. He also likes listening to music as well as radio theater programs.



Zachary attended and successfully completed a variety of classes. They included Technical Writing and College Writing courses.

Web Development

35 Projects Completed

Zachary has authored web development articles that supply information about maintenance, design, performance and related topics. He also created multiple websites using the HTML and PHP programming languages. They focus on topics ranging from travel to health care. Zachary has sold some of these websites and continues to operate others.

Self Help

1 Projects Completed

Zachary authored and edited a self-help book that has earned positive reviews. After writing it, he read the text several times to ensure that every error was corrected. The informative paperback consists of around 130 pages. It includes facts, tips, instructions, anecdotes and wise quotes from a range of accomplished individuals.


1,800 Projects Completed

Zachary has researched, written and edited informational articles on a tremendous variety of subjects. Most were published online, but several pieces appeared in print newsletters. A few examples of the topics include roofing, home insurance, loans and financial news. He has also reviewed products ranging from books to small appliances.

Facebook Post

20 Projects Completed

Zachary has created brief messages for businesses to publish on Facebook and other social networks. He thoroughly edited this content after writing it. Some posts promoted products or services while others recommended useful, relevant websites. Many of these messages appeared on the social media profiles of home service providers or senior living communities.

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