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Since the time when she wrote "The Story of My Life: Every Memory I Have" on her clunky home computer at eight-years-old, Kristin has pursued the art of written expression. An English teacher by certification, Kristin has worked for 15 years in various formal and informal education settings to support writers through the stages of the creative process. She is a believer in the National Writing Project and a member of the Connecticut Writing Project that aims to provide meaningful, relevant writing instruction and publishing opportunities for community members, teachers, and students. As an extension of this work, Kristin soaks up opportunities to work with professionals to help them tap into the power of the written word and say what has to be said in a way that it needs to be said.
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Kristin is skilled and experienced at all stages of the writing process from brainstorming to drafting to revising to editing.

She is particularly knowledgeable about education, teaching and learning.


Kristin is a true Renaissance soul who loves to write at the cross-section of her varied interests: reading, writing, running, sustainable living, home renovations, mindfulness, teaching, thinking, productivity, and learning.


2,000 Projects Completed

As a career educator with 15+ years experience in various informal and formal settings, I have worked with hundreds of writers on thousands of projects. I have moved writers from the initial stages of generating ideas, to the process of revising their wording, to even a complete overhaul of the structure of the entire piece in progress.


150 Projects Completed

I work with adults and students who want to craft an application essay that will effectively highlight their interests and accomplishments and that will reveal their character through personal stories while remaining concise.

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As an education blogger, I take my own ideas from concept to completion, adding links for increased web traffic.

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