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Kristi G
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Joined 1/16/2018
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Kristi has a passion for editing and writing seamless, dynamic content in a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to the science, professional, medical, marketing, and creative/arts sectors. She is enthusiastic about bringing content up to its highest potential, ensuring it is readable, compelling, and memorable.

Kristi has edited and proofread many different types of projects at WriterAccess, such as webpages, emails, brochures, articles, guides, and blog posts, from a wide variety of industries, including insurance, medical, lifestyle, travel, financial, technical, real estate, transportation, health, and others. She also has experience with SEO editing.

For 14 years she worked in editorial roles at Elsevier, an international multimedia publishing business. Based in the Science & Technology Books division for more than a decade, she was ultimately a Senior Acquisitions Editor responsible for portfolios in Evolutionary and Organismal Biology; Animal Behavior; Biodiversity; and, previously, in Plant and Agricultural Sciences. Specific responsibilities included writing and preparing full project proposals, writing and editing marketing copy, building up a high-quality network of external authors and reviewers, and working collaboratively with colleagues across the business.

For three years within Elsevier Public Safety, she was an Associate Editor for JEMS (the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, an internationally-recognized paramedic/EMT magazine) and Homeland First Response, as well as Managing Editor for two other emergency medical services newsletters. On a daily basis she edited and proofed monthly columns and features, moving them from submission through design to publication. She also authored news articles published in JEMS and coordinated the monthly products section with reviewers, meanwhile fostering positive relationships with freelance writers, copy editors, designers, staff, and customers.

Prior to working at Elsevier, Kristi received her M.A. in Literature and Publishing from the National University of Ireland, Galway, with her thesis specializing in marketing for the publishing industry.

She previously worked in the film industry in Los Angeles with responsibilities that included written and verbal analysis of screenplays, books, and manuscripts under consideration for film and television projects, as well as participation in creative meetings. More recently, she privately taught literature and literary analysis in small classes to independent high school and junior high students.

Kristi received her B.A. in Creative Writing (cum laude and Dean's List) from Pepperdine University and received the university's John Scott Douglas Scholarship for Creative Writing. She is grateful to have spent her sophomore year studying in Florence, Italy, through the university's year-abroad program.
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