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Andrew has recently finished an internship with the publishing agency Andrea Hurst and Associates where he developed skills for editing fiction, non-fiction and non-narrative works. He has worked directly with authors and given them direct, concise, and helpful developmental edits and suggestions. Andrew has experience editing for content, clarity, style, and grammar, and is comfortable working with novels, short stories, blog posts, marketing copy, and everything in between. Andrew has also formatted manuscripts for digital upload to eBook platforms such as the Amazon Kindle Store, and has experience with the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.
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Andrew specializes in novel-length fiction, but is comfortable editing for clarity, style, and flow in any context.


Andrew is interested in video games, pen-and-paper role-playing games, pedantry, and books of all genres. He loves technology, magic, and also everything else.


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Andrew worked in a freelance capacity to assist authors in formatting digital manuscripts to conform to the digital upload requirements of eBook publishing platforms. He formatted text to the exacting demands of consistency, built linked tables of contents, and assembled non-manuscript components such as cover image and ISBN information. He performed manuscript uploads to eBook platforms such as Amazon KDP and Smashwords, checking the resulting upload for consistency and functionality.


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Andrew interned with Andrea Hurst and Associates where he developed skills for editing fiction and non-fiction books. He made developmental edits on full novel-length fiction manuscripts, working closely with the author to make precise constructive suggestions. He addressed language flow, dialogue, consistency of language and details, tension, and conflict.

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Andrew has edited a number of blog posts. He worked closely with the author to develop clear, concise, and readable language for a variety of audiences. He has performed light fact-checking and minor research in an effort to assist the author in their goal to deliver accurate and relevant information.

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