Morgon Mae S
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Morgon Mae brings more than 10 years of professional writing and editing experience, including long and short-form content marketing copy for high-tech clients, and copy editing for magazine and newspaper.
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High Tech
Non Profit


Morgon Mae is especially adept at:
• Dramatically improving concision for a better reader experience and greater impact
• Editing complex technical content to improve readability while preserving accuracy
• Handling subjective topics and specialized vocabulary in arts and culture writing
• Revising work by non-native English writers

She has extensive experience editing:
• Case studies and other narratives that illustrate change
• Marketing emails and landing pages designed to drive click-through
• White papers and technical guides that bring clarity to advanced subject matter

Morgon Mae's technical proficiencies include:
• AP and Chicago styles
• Brand voice
• Compliance with copyright law and proper use of licensed and public-domain works


Cooking, crafts and community work are passions for Morgon Mae. Driven by curiosity and a zeal for new challenges, she has grown in these areas through dozens of cooking classes, many Sunday afternoons behind the sewing machine and purposeful volunteer work for nonprofits.

High Tech

600 Projects Completed

• Five years in an editing role in a large 3D pritning solutions company, including editing design guides, white papers, spec sheets and other highly technical content
• Five years as a copy editor for a large enterprise computing company, including editing articles on software, hardware and research


260 Projects Completed

Five years in an editing role on the content marketing team for a growing B2B company, including editing case studies, white papers, blog posts, web content, lead-nurturing content, advertising copy and sales collateral

Non Profit

85 Projects Completed

• Led the creation and publication of a quarterly newsletter written by immigrants in a nonprofit adult high school for English-language learners, which involved editing memoirs and articles
• Currently providing pro-bono communications work for a nonprofit focused on economic empowerment of low-income women, which has involved editing media-kit materials


800 Projects Completed

• Five years in an editorial marketing role in a technology company
• Five years as a copy editor for large technology client's print and online magazines
• A year as a copy editor for a daily newspaper

Product Description

35 Projects Completed

• Served in an editorial role, specifically providing messaging guidance, content strategy and editorial review for product launches in a B2B technology company
• Developed internal tools to facilitate the company's transition to solution-driven messaging


25 Projects Completed

Served in editorial planning, script writing, production oversight and/or post-production editorial review roles for customer testimonial videos and product videos

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