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Ben has two years of professional editing experience, one in investigative journalism and the other for a literary magazine. He also has more than five years combined amateur editing and writing experience. He is mainly a fiction writer, but has also worked as a proofreader and editor for academic papers.


Journalistic editing
Literary text editing


Fiction and creative non-fiction
Investigative journalism
Academic copy-editing


70 Projects Completed

Throughout high school, university, and post-university life, Ben has written and edited a vast amount of creative works both for himself and others. This experience includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and songwriting, and even a few screenplays. However, Ben is most comfortable in the realm of fiction and non-fiction literary works.


12 Projects Completed

Ben has edited text for multiple published works. These works include a literary magazine of creative works and multiple investigative journalism pieces for a widespread magazine. Ben has worked with multiple writers at the same time to ensure timely completion and publishing of pieces.

The sample below is the finished product of a piece that one of Ben's writers and he had worked on for several weeks. It started off really short with no good attributions or sources, and after working closely with this writer, they managed to up the word count from 400 to 1000 and get good information in there for the magazine's readers.


30 Projects Completed

Most of Ben's editing experience as it relates to articles is in the form of literary or journalistic articles. At Ball Bearings, he edited at least 5 stories every month, with bigger stories taking a couple months or more to complete.

Below is a sample of investigative journalism he both wrote and edited along with another writer over the course of a few months.

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