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Three decades of editing expertise tracking the course of digital publishing, advertising and content marketing through each stage of their development.

- Business-to-business communications that reflect the humanist basis of real service, collaboration and partnership.

- Business-to-consumer engagement that respects the aims and interests of the individuals we strive to reach.

- Branded content worth seeing, sharing and saving.

- Corporate journalism, client or executive profiles and employee invitations and interactions that build understanding and agreement.

Philosophy: real life and actual work require authentic words, tone and style. Attention spans and our days are too short for throat clearing and empty buzzspeak.



- Brand development
- Style guidelines
- Audience identification
- Personae creation
- Messaging architecture
- Content ideation
- Editorial calendars and workflows
- Assignment briefs
- Blog posts
- Infographics
- How-To’s
- Slide shows
- Profile features
- News articles
- Opinion articles
- Digital/print advertising
- Employee communications
- Shareholder communications
- Podcast/audio scripts
- Sales collateral
- Product copy
- Press releases
- Annual reports
- Direct response copy
- Fundraising letters
- Customer service and support materials
- Technical writing
- Creative nonfiction
- Humor writing


- New and traditional media
- Life- and work-hacking
- Health and wellness
- Politics
- Psychology
- History
- Economics
- Design
- Music (classical, jazz, atonal, ambient, chill wave, new name just a few)
- Linguistics and etymology (from the Greek "etumologia," true words)
- Humor


251 Projects Completed

Directed editorial, design and production of interactive features, PDFs, and print materials for the homepage, its Smarter Planet campaign, and other Corporate content that demonstrated IBM's brand as a values-driven, innovation-based business.


20 Projects Completed

Case studies, articles, sidebars, Interviews and profiles of public officials, educators, and others to demonstrate how technology can improve constituent services and increase efficiencies.


401 Projects Completed

Online, magazine, news, service journalism, how-to, opinion, profiles ... if it can be described as an "article," then I've probably edited at least one or more of them.

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