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Monica G
Editor #37536
Joined 4/10/2016
4 Star Rating
6 Projects
Monica's role as editor encompasses several categories including grant/application editing and website design/editing.

Monica is involved with a non-profit arts organization which consistently applies for grants and other artistic opportunities. This organization must frequently write about its artistic vision, both for specific projects and for the organization as a whole. She aids in shaping the content of the writing by encouraging specificity and clarity. Many times, she helps pull extraneous ideas into logically ordered, cohesive thoughts. She also proofreads the final draft for the technical issues of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Monica's work for web design/editing is less focused on content and proofreading. She does suggest a few edits here and there, but the writing that is delivered to her is usually already edited. Her job is to take the writing and arrange it on the web pages in a sensible and appealing manner. For this, she considers the different effects of size, boldness, and font styles for headings, subheadings, and paragraph text. This visual information helps her guide the reader to a quicker comprehension of the content.
Non Profit