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Whitney’s career as an editor began in college when she was hired as a Writing Development Consultant for Black Hills State University in 2006. From there she moved on to become an editorial services associate at Author Solutions, Inc., in Bloomington, Indiana, where she remained for three years, advancing to senior editorial services associate. She left the office when she decided to have children, and was hired on as a freelance editor for Author Solutions.

Whitney’s career as a writer is a little more fresh. She is the sole contributor to her own blog, which is where she gets most of her experience. She also writes on a variety of topics for various blogging and writing platforms across the internet.


Whitney’s ultimate and unique specialty is absorbing the most technical, specialized information and consolidating it into laymen's explanations for a less involved audience. Her eclectic educational background and current technical interests make this possible.

Whitney’s first love is anthropology, a passion that has been integral in inspiring her development as both a fiction and non-fiction writer. She has extensive experience with religious works of fiction and non-fiction, as well as cultural pieces across the writing spectrum. She is an avid learner, and enjoys consolidating intense, specialized information into laymen explanations.

Whitney earned a bachelor’s degree is in kinesiology, a testament to her intimate understanding of health, fitness, public health, and human behavior. She also has extensive educational background in anthropology, sociology, martial concepts and martial arts training techniques, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, chemistry, biomechanics, and physics. It's not that she couldn't decide what she wanted to do in college, but that she wanted to do everything!

As an entrepreneur Whitney has developed an intimate understanding of finance, logistics, international relations, commerce, analytics, CRM, social media marketing, and networking.

And, finally, as a feminist mother and wife, Whitney feels her primary personal development responsibility is staying sharp in the fields of relationship building and navigating, parenting, self-care, and all matters of egalitarianism.


In fiction, Whitney is especially interested in fantasy/scifi. She loves reanalyzing the universe as a scientist within the confines of early humanity's intellectual constrictions. She writes creation and recreation stories to blow off steam.

In non-fiction, there isn’t anything Whitney doesn’t find interesting. Facts make her head head spin, and if her head isn't spinning then her heart won't beat. There's nothing she doesn’t like, and there's nothing she can't handle!

Outside of writing, Whitney enjoys gardening, painting, music, meditation, and learning new crafts. She makes candies, chocolates, and all-natural health and beauty products. She’s a mom, and she absolutely loves it. If she could she’d keep it summer all year so she could run every morning and hike with the kids and dogs every evening. She also loves gaming, but only if her best friend is home.


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This editor does not have any industry experience listed on their profile.

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