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Heather A
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Joined 12/18/2014
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Heather A is a passionate grammar, spelling, and editing enthusiast, who will tackle any project with her signature optimism, excitement, and energy. She has a BS in marketing & management from Siena College, and an MBA from UMass Amherst. Heather previously worked in the publishing industry as a product manager, where she handled the preK-12 and college education markets, and later as a direct marketing manager (email, web, and print marketing) for the medical training market. She gained additional experience in the toy & game industry as a global brand marketing manager, focusing on the emerging markets of Europe, Latin America, and Asia, as well as the global preschool games market. She is currently working as a social media manager and writer for an online magazine for mothers.

Her expertise comes from years of studying the English language and helping others to perfect their writing, from reports to resumes to proposals. Heather’s marketing background makes her a solid editor for helping make writing appeal to the target audience, and her current work as a social media manager means her finger is on the pulse of what’s trending, SEO optimization, grabbing the attention of readers, and how to speak to audiences about topics that are meaningful to them. She will take her last breath defending the use of the Oxford comma and correcting erroneous apostrophes.