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Ross is a trained and experienced writer and editor holding a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon. His longest-held editing position was for a midwestern political think tank, where until recently he was the news editor: reviewing submissions for voice, content, typographical errors and tone. Also an experienced writer, the lion's share of his experience is in writing for search engine optimization, for which he's produced dozens of blog posts, articles and web pages. Ross' particular strength is matching voice and style to fit the intended audience: easygoing, professional, academic, or instructive. He has made a career out of writing newsletters, website copy and marketing material.

News Editor. Politics think tank. Madison, WI.
February 2018 - August 2019
- Editor of submissions for publication to a midwestern think tank.
- Edit written work for flow, narrative, voice, structure and content.
- Provide feedback to writers to improve quality and improve readability.
- Proofread and edit for grammar, spelling, typographical errors.
- Expert with grammar. Excellent with Associated Press style (AP style).

Search Engine Optimization Writer. Self-employed. Eugene, OR.
July 2017 - Present
- Write and publish Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copy by contract.
- Write and re-write entire websites or pages with focus on keywords to improve search engine results.
- Research and write unique blog posts to establish expertise, authority and trustworthiness.
- Editor and proofreader for newsletter and website copy for wide array of clients.

Contract Ghost Writer. Self-employed. Eugene, OR.
- Write corporate blogs for publicity and marketing purposes
- Ghost-write blog posts for strategic communication.
- Write articles from perspective of training staff or executive leadership.
- Research and write corporate white papers
- Ghost-write corporate white paper after extensive academic research.
- Demonstrated expert in Microsoft Office, and extremely competent.

Intelligence Analyst and Reporter. US Air Force. Hampton Roads, VA.
February 2012 - June 2017
- Write time-sensitive reports for immediate, worldwide dissemination.
- Proofread and edit reports for content and typographical accuracy.
- Excellent corporate or bureaucratic writer.
- Publish and approve official memorandums and guidance.
- Editor of official memorandums.
- Write checklists, reference guides, and mission aids for mission execution.
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A trained and educated journalist, Ross is responsible for editing news articles submitted to a midwestern think tank by writers around the Midwest. He edits the articles for tone, content, Associated Press (AP) style and typographicals. His primary emphasis is ensuring a consistent voice, and that the news direction for the organization is maintained.


In the world of online marketing, many clients need keyword-rich, human-readable copy. Ross frequently writes articles for use on blogs and blogging sites.


Ross ghost writes blog posts for technology companies. Clients like CBT Nuggets -- a large computer-based training company -- host blogs for lead generation and brand development, and the audiences vary from highly technically familiar to uninitiated. Ross is a fast researcher and quick learner -- writing several thousand words on topics he'd had no experience with before. Topics like GDPR, Microsoft purchasing Github, the new 801.11ax wifi standard, Linux and SQL, prosthetic limbs, persian rugs, and firearms training.


Good search engine optimization requires familiarity with SEO best practices as well as good, meaningful content. Ross has written website copy and blog posts with search engine optimization (SEO) as the primary objective for many clients. Because clients' needs vary as widely as potential customers, Ross changes writing style rapidly and easily. Clients of his have included: Prosthetics company, Furniture importer, Rug importer, firearms training institute and chiropractors.


Ross loves being a nerd. Ross is an avid reader of many genres, notably contemporary fiction and science-fiction/fantasy. He loves the arc of the last 50 years of sci-fi/fantasy, comparing contemporary works to classics and considering the lens through which humanity is viewed in art and culture.

He's also an avid video game player, primarily on the PC. He focuses on resource-gathering games like Factorio, 7 Days to Die and Rust; he also plays simulation or management games like Rimworld and Oxygen Not Included; of course, there are always RPGs like Outer Worlds too.

He's recently gotten his very first dog, an Australian Shepherd whom he loves dearly.

He's also a student (both casually and formally) of politics. Ross follows the news closely and stays up to date in events regarding national security, foreign policy and national politics.


20 Projects Completed

Journalists and writers submit reporting and research about midwestern politics. Ross edits them for tone, voice, typographicals and alignment with news values of the organization. Collaboration through comments and written feedback lead to excellent content for the organization.


20 Projects Completed

Ross edits website copy for tone, voice, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices and human readability. Ross has worked as a web developer for marketing websites, branding websites and sales conversions for several years, and has written copy and edited copy before making sites live.

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20 Projects Completed


Ross writes and edits articles for submission to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and lead generation marketing websites. Ross researches and fact-checks suppositions to ensure their accuracy and relevance to broader market.

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10 Projects Completed


After writing SEO copy, Ross edits for human readability, awkwardness, and appropriate reading level. He uses SEO and analysis tools to fact-check as well as analyze audience.

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