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Ross H
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Joined 11/18/2019
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70 Projects
Ross is a trained and experienced writer and editor holding a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon. His longest-held editing position was for a midwestern political think tank, where until recently he was the news editor: reviewing submissions for voice, content, typographical errors and tone. Also an experienced writer, the lion's share of his experience is in writing for search engine optimization, for which he's produced dozens of blog posts, articles and web pages. Ross' particular strength is matching voice and style to fit the intended audience: easygoing, professional, academic, or instructive. He has made a career out of writing newsletters, website copy and marketing material.

News Editor. Politics think tank. Madison, WI.
February 2018 - August 2019
- Editor of submissions for publication to a midwestern think tank.
- Edit written work for flow, narrative, voice, structure and content.
- Provide feedback to writers to improve quality and improve readability.
- Proofread and edit for grammar, spelling, typographical errors.
- Expert with grammar. Excellent with Associated Press style (AP style).

Search Engine Optimization Writer. Self-employed. Eugene, OR.
July 2017 - Present
- Write and publish Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copy by contract.
- Write and re-write entire websites or pages with focus on keywords to improve search engine results.
- Research and write unique blog posts to establish expertise, authority and trustworthiness.
- Editor and proofreader for newsletter and website copy for wide array of clients.

Contract Ghost Writer. Self-employed. Eugene, OR.
- Write corporate blogs for publicity and marketing purposes
- Ghost-write blog posts for strategic communication.
- Write articles from perspective of training staff or executive leadership.
- Research and write corporate white papers
- Ghost-write corporate white paper after extensive academic research.
- Demonstrated expert in Microsoft Office, and extremely competent.

Intelligence Analyst and Reporter. US Air Force. Hampton Roads, VA.
February 2012 - June 2017
- Write time-sensitive reports for immediate, worldwide dissemination.
- Proofread and edit reports for content and typographical accuracy.
- Excellent corporate or bureaucratic writer.
- Publish and approve official memorandums and guidance.
- Editor of official memorandums.
- Write checklists, reference guides, and mission aids for mission execution.
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