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Jessica Ashley S
Designer #64109
Joined 7/29/2022
4 Star Rating
375 Projects
Jessica has 6+ years of experience working with digital art creation, where she began as a videographer and transitioned into instructional design and graphic design. Her largest video project, consisting of over 500 hours of editing work, involved her traveling abroad to film and develop six 10-minute videos for an online workshop series. She has also created YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram content for influencers, including international clients. Her most recent video projects have ranged from 3-min promotional videos for marketing to 30-min educational presentations for online learning courses.

Her instructional design and graphic design work launched after the completion of her master's degree in Education and Leadership, which provided the foundation for her online learning work. She deepened her experience in graphics by creating masterful, elegant, and emotion-evoking graphics, PDFs, presentation materials, thumbnails, banners, and online / eLearning materials.

Jessica works and offers translation in four languages, speaking Native English and being a fluent speaker of Portuguese, Spanish, and French. With all of her projects, her goal is to help you connect emotionally with your customers. Whether video, graphic design, or translation, she designs her work based on your overall intention for communicating with your clientele.

This is what makes Jessica unique - she offers design with a mindful approach.
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